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Observation from a Sojourner

Having been unable to afford housing in New Hampshire this fall, Lisa and I have left the campground for a warmer climate.  We will be spending some part of the winter, fewer trips home for holidays, in South Carolina.  This required us to hitch our camper to my truck and travel south.

US House Judiciary Committee

Congressional Hearing?

I was a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives for 18 years (I hope to return again). Granted the New Hampshire Legislature is a unique environment. Its rules of conduct of the members are exceptional. It is the only Legislature I know of in the United States of America (and as far as …

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John Locke

Chapter 10 of the forms of a Common-wealth

Locke begins by defining the three fundamental forms of government. When men first unite into a society, they have all the power of the community naturally in themselves.

John Locke

“Of the beginning of Civil Society” – Part 3

Further treating the idea of consent, he describes consent. A child of an English man and woman born in France is subject to neither the king of England nor the king of France, except as much as they subject to the law of the land.

John Locke

“Of the beginning of Civil Society” – Part 1

John Locke having defined what qualifies as a civil society in Chapter Seven. That it is not merely family groups, or master-slave relationships, but is a coming together of equals for mutual benefit and protection. He opened with this declaration which ought to be familiar to the people of New Hampshire.

andru volinsky edelblut Education

Andru Volinsky – trying to outdo Grimm’s fairy tales?

Recently, Executive Councilor Andu Volinsky suggested that gubernatorial vetoes should be subject to Executive Council approval. Fortunately, there is one thing that stands between Councilor Volinsky and vetoes: The Constitution of the State of New Hampshire. This isn’t the first time Councilor Volinsky has tried to end run the Constitution. Most of you may not …

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