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Promoted from the Comments – in this Day of Vaccine Passports

Liberty and Freedom

Commenter NHnative had this on Steve’s post: “COVID19 NH Public School 2021-2022 Reopening Plans – The Systemic Culture of Public Health Tyranny.”

A word from one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence:  Benjamin Rush MD on medical freedom. While written centuries ago, it strangely is applicable today just as it was back then:


Benjamin Rush MD Medical Freedom Declaration of Independence


Unlike the rabble-rousers of today that are all about looking at Society as being bad and that only Bigger Government (Marxism) can fix it (by their “beneficent” ministrations), Rush and his fellow Founding Fathers knew their history.  They understood what Man can do with unlimited Powers at their beck and call. They realized that the only way to TRUE freedom was to limit those Powers by the establishment of Negative Rights.

While many on the Left consider them to be just old white men, they were STUDIED men that would make the current overthrowers’ heads spin if ever put into a debate.

Even back then with the primitive knowledge and techniques of the time, Benjamin Rush understood that health, and the ways to maintain it, could easily be subverted by those who don’t care about your general health but how the medical system could be bent to support their political agenda.

His words are even more important now than when they were first penned.