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Map of BLM-Antifa protests riots in US

Data Point – Map of BLM and Antifa Protests and Riots Across the US

USA Today has that as an interactive map that has incidents of actual peaceful protests (like those, pretty much, here in NH). However, as we all know, many (if not most) degenerated into Marxist believing mobs with “Death to America” (Hey are we in Iran!).

WuFlu GDP decline in 2020 2nd quarter

Data Point – OrangeManBad didn’t do too badly on the economy

…but this graphic is worth breaking out, especially since there are some people trying to claim that the U.S. response has been uniquely bad because #OrangeManBad. The U.S. has done much better than its peer and near-peer nations at limiting economic damage, and it’s done so without maintaining a higher death rate — in fact, …

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Data Point – NH WuFlu Deaths versus “Normal” Deaths

Death is normal – until the Second Coming (let’s see how many get THAT reference) and that isn’t going to change for any of us. Your death will happen just like Democrats will continue to raise your taxes (and sometimes you just wanna die over that fact).


Data Point – Economy surging

Reformatted: Retail sales skyrocketing by 18% in May as states began to reopen their economies. Economists projected that retail sales would increase 5.2% for June. Retail sales increased 7.5% in June, the U.S. Census Bureau reported on Thursday. retail and food services sales for June were $524.3 billion, which is not only a 7.5% increase …

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