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Data Point – BitCoin vs US Dollar Sept 2020 to Jul 2021

No, I don’t trade in Bitcoin but I know those that do, so when I came across this, it looked interesting enough to share. According to data provided by Glassnode on-chain data provider, the total value paid to miners in USD has increased by 275%, totaling $40 million paid to miners per day.

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Polling Numbers Favor Having an “Elected Monarch” …?

“The Right thinks the Left is severely misguided – the Left believes that the Right is Evil!” Yikes! I know that the Red vs Blue / Right vs Left chasm has been getting worse over time but this is a rather eye-opening poll. Reformatted, emphasis mine:

Biden blame the unvaxed

Data Point – “America Sours on Biden”

America soured on Biden before President Asterisk decided to let us know that he’s very disappointed in us all. The unvaccinated especially – shaming them, Othering them.