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The Religion of Government

Does it ever feel to you like everything not prohibited is required? The average American declares he is a free man, but is that declaration now more pretense than reality? Can we be free in a place where more and more is of, for and by the state? In a place where virtually nothing is outside …

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Use of the Power of the State to Bully & Live at the Expense of Others

Henry Adams observed, “politics as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been a systematic organization of hatreds.” Maybe marshalling hatreds isn’t everything there is to politics but it is a part of the game. Distraction too seems to be a component part of politics. In that, politics is much like a magic show. Reality in …

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Social Insecurity

Our Tax and Spend Friend To people who think Social Security is some kind of pension plan in which we’ve been investing for years… forget about it. It never was that. More importantly it isn’t going to be that in the future. The system works this way. Current retirees get their money from payroll taxes …

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Green New Deal - Socialism wrapped up in Environmentalism

The Green New Deal – cartoon style (Part 2 of 6)

Well, the Green New Deal is a big hopping deal over at TreeHugger – have been spending a lot of time there creating content to bring back here but that will be tomorrow.  In the mean time, here’s the second Part of the series: (H/T: Clear Energy Alliance) Part 1 here.

Boston University has failed Miserably

By Jim Johnson Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz (Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations from Boston University): What we had was an existential threat in the context of a war. We had a direct existential threat with another nation, this time it was Nazi Germany, and the Axis, who explicitly made the United States …

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From the X-Files Season 2 Episode 3 – Blood Scully: “Why Mulder?  Why would they intentionally create a population that destroys itelf.“ Mulder: “Fear.  It’s the oldest tool of power.  If you distract, by fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above.” Scully is asking why the government …

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