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Big tech control and your freedom

Big Tech Control and Your Freedom

Big tech control and your freedom is something you should pay attention to. What big tech is doing to conservatives might well be something described by Martin Niemöller.

Intervention From the Heavens

Intervention From the Heavens

Just when the Washington creatures were ready to spend another $3 trillion the lights came on. We don’t need the extension of weekly central government supplements to unemployment benefits. We need to go back to work. The economic data came forth showing Americans are getting back to work in record numbers.

Ed Markey

No, Not Everyone THINKS this is Something to be Proud of…

This is a sign of an over-active ego – of someone that believes they are God’s new savior to the masses. How COULD the great unwashed ever live their lives without ME?  Or my benevolent ministrations on their behalf?


Those Who Tell Stories Rule Society

Our readers are familiar with the marriage of Big Tech and the media when it comes to narrative control. It is the high-tech extension of what was once a monopoly on thought. The old days before AM radio and online contrarians. When the Left controlled the message.

Genetics puzzle genes pieces

The Story of the Liberty Gene

“I am almost finished making you, except for inserting one last gene,” says God to man. “Yes Lord, can’t wait to get on my way,” replies man. “Now, since I like you, I will give you a choice in this very important last component.