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Hypocrite Alarm! Green New Deal Backers! Hypocrite Alarm!

Democrat Leadership?

Warning, Hypocrite Alarm! Green New Deal Backers! Hypocrite alarm! If those running for president really believe what they say, and that’s a big if, it is time to practice what you preach. Most of the Democratic Socialists running for president are pushing to implement the Green New Deal. They tell us it is supposed to “save the planet” from extinction.

Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander

Americans should demand that every politician backing the Green New Deal sign the pledge. It is time to for them to dramatically reduce their own carbon footprint. They need to live by the same rules and standards they want to foist on the rest of us. Remember, the guy who wrote the Green New Deal says its purpose is to allow the federal government to take control of the entire economy.

Bernie and Pete along with their wealthy leftist comrades railing against fossil fuels must swear off private jets. They must stop setting foot on a gas guzzling yachts. Climate alarmists will no longer be permitted to own multiple homes. All of those things contribute to manmade global warming. The nasty carbon Democratic Socialists insist is destroying Gaea, Mother Earth. No more DNC fundraisers in Mexico City.

Lead by example

Those pushing the highly intrusive and costly Green New Deal should be leading by example. They should be channeling Henry David Thoreau. Aren’t they asking us to commit to living in one very small, sustainable home? These Leftists must give up their cars, boats, lawnmowers and any other vehicle that uses fossil fuel. That’s the industry they’ve pledged to kill, right?

Given the urgency behind their claims, they say the world’s ending in a decade, if we don’t act. So… to combat climate change, politicians should walk the walk. They should stop all travel and opt to use video conferencing. They are asking us to leave millions of jobs across industries that the Green New Deal will kill.

Facts, we don’t need no facts, we believe.

Let’s assume their far-fetched prophecy is correct. A climate apocalypse is fast approaching. It is not just scam to justify a massive government takeover of nearly every aspect of our lives, then why wait? Democratic Socialists should be dramatically curbing their own carbon footprint. They should be practicing what they preach without delay. But are they?

Control, we are in control

Green New Deal Backers should forgo owning beach houses. Vacationing by the ocean would be dangerous because sea levels are rising at an alarming rate. If massive floods, tropical storms, cyclones, hurricanes and other natural disasters are coming, then there should be a prohibition on living near the ocean. Obama, Kerry and the beautiful people who sound the climate change alarm. How are they magically immune to its harmful effects?

Democratic Socialists want to control our thermostats, take away our cars and tell us how to live. They want to kill over 10 million jobs in the U.S. oil & gas industry alone. They should give up their wine cellars and country club memberships. Importing one’s favorite wines from other faraway places emits detrimental carbon via long-distance transportation. Shouldn’t Leftists be shopping locally? Doesn’t consistency demand reducing their consumption of food, products, goods and services having an associated environmental cost?

With Armageddon coming in just a few short years how can they justify having a family? Perhaps voters should also insist politicians no longer celebrate birthdays or holidays. Gift giving uses energy to produce and transport. There are Leftists and eco activists demanding bans on plastic straws & bags, bottled water and single use disposable products. Shouldn’t the folks dictating what we can and cannot buy be pledging to never to use those products themselves?


We are fools if we allow any politician to take away our freedom, car, boat or hamburger. They cannot uproot our entire way of life with their radical environmental policies while they are polluting the environment at will. That type of double standard shouldn’t be tolerated. It creates massive social injustice and inequality. Let’s not allow the elites to live like aristocrats while they force us, the little people sacrifice to sacrifice and suffer. No self-respecting American should accept what they are saying and doing. Warning, Hypocrite Alarm! Green New Deal Backers! Hypocrite Alarm!