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Contrast Democrat Leadership with the Alternative

Bloomberg’s Campaign Infers the Vandalism is from Sanders’ Associates.

We have been living uwith Democrat leadership in New Hampshire and nationwide for a while. There are contrasts in style and substance between the alternatives. What can we take away from what the players are showing us?

Democrat leadership in New Hampshire

We can clearly see that today’s Democrat Party is elitist. Clearly, they do not hold themselves subject to the ramifications of their own politics, policies, and decisions. They rule from the top down. You shall submit. They have no allegiance to the rule of law. Equal application of it never crosses their mind. The democrats are entirely uninterested in the whole idea of equality. They hate giving anyone an opportunity. Their goal is to control through submission.

In the last week, there have been a couple of examples of the arrogance, intolerance and hate that they embody. Here in New Hampshire, we have Representative Tamara Le from North Hampton. I’m sure she represents the best her community has to offer. She is out on Facebook posting “F**k private and religious schools.”

Representative Le is a college-educated, post-graduate degreed bigot. Such attitudes are hard to hide in a leadership position. She is part of the leadership of the majority party of the New Hampshire House. She is the Assistant House Majority Floor Leader. Her job for the party is to influence and control the party members in the voting process in the House. She is what New Hampshire’s House Democrats are.

Democrat leadership in California

Across the country, we have California Governor Gavin Newsome. The governor is the Democrat’s face of the state. The state is burning because it has no money for wildfire control. He is enraged because the power company, PG&E, is operating equipment that is accused of causing wildfires. Newsome wants to hold the company accountable for what the state has forced it to have to do. He is publicly berating the company and trying to bully the federal bankruptcy court.

Did I forget to say that PG&E is bankrupt? They are subject to public regulation as a utility… and they are bankrupt. The state regulates its rates and mandates the building requirements and working conditions. Think about that… The state-regulated the company into bankruptcy. Now they badger and bully the company for the results. The company has limited resources and almost no alternatives. What is going on there is political grandstanding. That’s not leadership… but they have low electric rates.

Democrat leadership from New Hampshire to California is leading America. But they are taking us to socialist intolerance and totalitarian rule. Don’t believe that? Look at what happened earlier this year in Portland Oregon. The streets were taken over by Antifa. Federal agencies were physically attacked. Members of the media and the public were beaten nearly to death. Portland police watched it happen at the mayor’s instruction. That’s Democrat leadership. But I digress…

Democrat policies

We know what Democrat policies are. They support infanticide, they want to seize control of the economy with the Green New Deal and Medicare for all. There is absolutely no way to pay for those programs. The Democrats want wealth tax in addition to more income tax. They want cancellation of almost everything; college debt, ICE, the second amendment, the first amendment, and due process under the law. They want the presumption of guilt, not innocence. They want free stuff.

Democrat leadership draws its support from the subsidized poor. They buy their votes with a pocket full of mumbles, such are the campaign promises they spew. Democrats have no intention of following through. They simply want control through regulation and taxation. They will kill the economy and rule happily over the devastation we all have to live with. Why do we tolerate their bad economics, intolerance, and hatred?


There is an election coming. Democrat elitists at the top and the subsidized poor who support them despise the 60% of us in the middle. They no longer disguise their disdain for the struggles of the people who work every day. There is no respect for paying the bills and taxes. Let’s contrast Democrat leadership with the alternative. Vote early, vote often. Remember to go to the polls today.