Skynet - Do You Know Where Artificial Intelligence is Going or How Fast it's Getting "There" - Granite Grok

Skynet – Do You Know Where Artificial Intelligence is Going or How Fast it’s Getting “There”

AI a Huge Help or a Foot on the Neck

Did you know those chips in your computer are doubling roughly every two years? Did you know AI is growing exponentially? Do you know what quantum computing is? Think about this, quantum computing will make today’s supercomputers look like pocket calculators.

Things in the AI world are moving so fast we can no longer imagine where AI is going. That bothers me.


Let’s think about personal safety from the AI perspective. Do you know your Roomba is making and transmitting a geo-plot of the inside of your house? Say, a cleaning robot that goes about its autonomous duties until it identifies a target. What stops it from then approaching and assassinating the target by detonating itself?

Unforeseen and unexpected

Or what about autonomous flying drones? Could a use become to track and attack specific people? That new facial recognition on your iPhone X makes such things probable not just fits of paranoia.

There is documentation of a case of introducing one AI to another. Once the two were in communication they generated their own language while the operators watched. The human operators asked the AI to translate the new language. The AI told the human operators “No.”

Our household items are becoming connected into the “universe of things.” It is pretty easy to see how a hacker might give commands to those ultra-safe autonomous vehicles. What stops them from issuing the command to drive through a crowd? They could wreak absolute havoc by commandeering numerous vehicles in what’s called “swarming.”


At the close of the Global Fortune Forum in Guangzhou on Dec. 7, 2018, the event’s hosts released a swarm of over 1,000 autonomous small drones. The drones danced and flashed through the air for nine minutes without bumping into each other.  Will AI be a huge help or will it become a foot on our neck? We are about to find out.