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Defunding the Police

Is Defunding the Police an Attack on America?

Heather MacDonald is the author of The War on Cops. She strips away the usual emotionalism from the issue turning to the statistics about the players and the situations she brings clarity to an emotional issue. The numbers are shocking.

the Black Constituency

Why Is the Black Constituency So Hard Core Democrat?

Academia and the media are involved in peddling a narrative. Black America has bought the narrative they are pushing lock, stock, and barrel. The narrative is: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago the GOP used to be the party of black America. The Democrat Party was the racist party.

Down on the Plantation

Down on the Plantation

Was Biden’s gaffe of the week a down on the plantation threat? This week we heard Uncle Joe Biden’s comment, “… You ain’t black if you’re not votin’ fer me…” Was this a reflection of more than Biden personally? Was this another forgivable Bidenism or was it something else?

It's okay for Black Americans to support trump

Trump Support Among Black Americans up to 34%

Two recent polls have shown a rise in approval for President Trump among black Americans. Emerson has that number at 34.5%, with Rasmussen showing it at 34 percent. If accurate, after three years of being labeled a racist, it’s tectonic, politically.