Trump Approval Rating with Black Americans is Now Over 40% - Granite Grok

Trump Approval Rating with Black Americans is Now Over 40%

Black support for Trump

When Donald Trump won in 2016, his approval rating with Black America was 26%, which netted him 8% of that vote. Despite all the bad press and accusations from the Left, his approval rating likely Black voters now stand above 40%.

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Keep in mind, as if we can forget, that the Democrats and their multi-billion-dollar international media conglomerate public relations arms have been calling Trump a racist, Nazi, bigot, hater (non-stop) for years.

Add to that all their NGO water-carriers and the Never Trumpers and the polling looks that much better. And perhaps better still. If you recall the 2016 election, polling said Hillary had it locked. Voters had other ideas, and the polling never picked up on it.

The anti-Trump animus has only grown, the point being that supporting Donald Trump for many is still a thing they cannot advertise. If we transfer that filter to likely black voters, it becomes a problem for the Left.

Even if the approval number is no larger than the low forties, the math is bad for progressives. President Trump could be the beneficiary of 14-15 percent of the black vote without filtering for hidden support. In a national election, that’s not something the Left can overcome with their traditional base and tactics.

Going negative works but non-stop for four years? And everything they’ve thrown at him is bouncing back at them. The obvious Flynn set up landed at Obama’s feet. The Ukraine gambit almost took out Biden – and may still. The political response to COVID-19 is going much worse in blue cities and states than red with possible momentary savior Andrew Cuomo looking like the grandma-killer.

Every anti-Trump plague-narrative is circling around to hit the Democrats in the tailpipe.

Will the Antifa/BLM Protest-Riots go any differently?

They could, but if history is any guide, the Left will screw it up. And the reason they will screw it up is that they can’t see clearly through their Trump Derangement Syndrome Rage.

That’s no excuse not to show up and vote Trump and Republican in with a landslide in November. But if The Donald can keep his approval among likely Black voters near 40%, that landslide is that much more achievable.