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There are Lies Damned Lies and Then There is MSNBC

There are Lies Damned Lies and MSNBC.

It seems that the existence of black Republicans was erased last Friday, at least on MSNBC. Anchor Chris Hayes asserted there’s “only one party” to which African Americans can belong. I did not know that.

Political process and structure

I had always assumed it was possible for all Americans to join the party of their own choice. Huh, how do you like that? No blacks can join the Republican Party. It seems Mr. Hayes believes it is somehow forbidden… MSNBC is paying him to say it… It must be true… right?

Mr. Hayes asserted, “White people in America have two parties to choose from and between those two parties they sort in all kinds of ways…” That was Mr. Hayes describing different white voter profiles. So whites can choose between the parties. Interesting, right? He did not stop there.

The MSNBC anchor continued by asserting all types of black Americans must join “the Democratic Party, because there’s only one party they can be a part of because of the nature of structural white supremacy in America in the political coalitions…”  Now it today’s America that is what passes for hatred. It is bigotry, a political point of view. It is a stereotype… which is a position both noxious and wrong.

Tradition vs. reason

I’m sure it must have been written somewhere. It is quite understandable that the Democrat Party is accustomed to getting their vote. Before this I guess I had not understood the depth of the arrogance of the Democrat elite. The question those voters should ask themselves is what have the Democrats done for me? Of most importance are the actions of the political parties? Who’s doing what for whom?

Hayes says this “broader range of lives experience among African-American voters in the party” should help more liberal Democrats understand why so many black voters have chosen to vote for Joe Biden. Does that mean Democrats who are more liberal? Or, does that mean a larger number of Democrats. Maybe the question should be are black voters leftist or conservative?

Do blacks generally favor transgender policies? How about LGBT policies what is their preference there? Do blacks support freedom of religion? Are blacks supportive of the genocide of black babies healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood practice? Do blacks benefit from a better economy? Are blacks more naturally aligned by culture with values and principles of the leftist controlling the Democrat party or with the other party? What has their unquestioning loyal gotten them. Isn’t it time to trust but verify?

Logic checks

Now the Hayes/MSNBC position is entirely illogical and false on its face. Why are the life experiences of blacks generally different than the entire American experience? Are they more traveled and more cultured? Are whites poorer, less likely to travel and take interest in the arts? There are lies, damned lies and then there is MSNBC.

Hayes was responding to Princeton professor Eddie Glaude. Glaude argues that a politics of fear is driving black voters to Biden and from Sanders. He acknowledges some black voters “just simply agree with Biden.” The belief is Glaude supports Bernie Sanders.

Glaude said, “It could very well be the case that since South Carolina and even before South Carolina the electorate has been kind of swamped with fear and panic… If we nominate Bernie Sanders, we’re going to reelect Donald Trump… the country is going to go to hell… We heard all of this from Mike Bloomberg’s campaign: ‘If you nominate Bernie Sanders, down ballot we’re going to lose all these candidates. We’re going to lose the House. Nancy Pelosi is going to lose her gavel.’ So there was a kind of politics of fear and in some ways inducing a panic among the electorate.”

Is change coming?

Evidence increasingly shows Trump may receive a greater than the traditional proportion of the black vote in 2020. According to numbers from the pro-Democrat BlackPAC cited in the New York Times, “Trump’s favorability rating among black voters overall increased from 7% in 2016 to 18% in 2019,” with 13% “strongly” approving. The statistics led BlackPAC to warn that “the loyalty of a quarter of black voters to the Democratic Party may be waning.”

There are other less pro-Democrat sources. They are indicating the black Trump vote could be well in excess of 20%. Some sources have gone as high as 30%. What this demonstrates to us is that Mr. Hayes is a bigot with a stereotype of black people. He obviously believes blacks do not vote self interest. How stupid do you have to be to hold that belief?

Blacks are welcome in either party. They are wanted, needed and appreciated by the Republicans who have worked to better the lot of average blacks. It is Democrats who have behaved like bigots paying only lip service to this constituency. The Democrat elite is allowing themselves to have their stereotypes reinforced by the academic elite.


There is talking the talk. And then there’s walking the walk. Blacks are starting to wake up to the facts before them. They are going to vote their best interests based on their awareness of the facts. Most know they are being under represented and under appreciated by their Democrat masters. Let’s hope Mr. Hayes, MSNBC and the Democrats remain in their bigoted bubble. Doing so contributes to their demise. There are lies, damned lies and then there is MSNBC.