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Trump Support Among Black Americans up to 34%

It's okay for Black Americans to support trump

Two recent polls have shown a rise in approval for President Trump among black Americans. Emerson has that number at 34.5%, with Rasmussen showing it at 34 percent. If accurate, after three years of being labeled a racist, it’s tectonic, politically.

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Any significant shift in votes away from Democrats is a problem for the left. They rely on blacks, women, Hispanics, none of whom they treat well. Add illegal immigrants, and the goal is to control a solid 51% of the national vote in critical states, and the Presidency is theirs in perpetuity.

With a lock on that national office, they can push any national or international agenda almost at will. But Mr. Trump has found another way to confound his antagonists.

Even a small drop in African-American turnout or anything less than the usual 85 percent to 90 percent supermajority for a Democratic presidential candidate on Election Day can prove fatal.

The left has been promising to stand up for black Americans since they realized they could no longer treat them as slaves. So, they lied to them. Worked diligently to destroy their families. Then blamed Republicans and worked overtime to ensure they never learned the truth.

Donald Trump stepped up and just promised to make America Great for everyone. The results have had a significant impact on minority unemployment, hitting historic lows. Assuming this trend continues he will have done more for black Americans in four years than the Democrats did in fifty.

Certainly more than the first black president did in eight. He made their lives worse. With the promise of another wealthy white lying Democrat cracking the whip after the nomination, Mr. Trump’s approval could translate into a significant shift in election Demographics and a historical rejection of Democrat’s in 2020.

If it only takes 20% of that vote, what happens when Hispanics and women get the same message? That Donald Trump and Republicans think getting government out of your way is the best road to your personal prosperity. One where you can choose how to lift yourself up.

Liberty and self-responsibility could be the new hotness all over America. Who could have seen that coming after eight years of Obama?

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