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Is Defunding the Police an Attack on America?

Defunding the Police

Heather MacDonald is the author of The War on Cops. She strips away the usual emotionalism from the issue turning to the statistics about the players and the situations she brings clarity to an emotional issue. The numbers are shocking.

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They do not support the widespread belief American police have an infection of systemic racism against blacks. The numbers are clear. They paint a very different picture. When we take the time to understand the facts the focus shifts.

We should compare the number of incidents of excessive force to the relative sizes of cohort populations. Performing the analysis of the data it appears that there truly is a bias. Based solely on the number of incidents the appearance is the bias is anti-black.

Figures lie and liars figure…

However, when the comparison takes into account the relative sizes of crime populations, the bias is negative. By that is meant the appearance of bias reverses. This means the reality is there is more crime in minority neighborhoods. More crime in a location is an indicator of more need for police intervention. It implies there will be more exposure to the possibility of excessive violence.

MacDonald makes it clear that the disintegration of support for police is a crushing blow. All Americans feel the impact. It lands particularly onerously on those living in black communities. Why? Because that is where crime rates are soaring.

Rather than go through the data sets with you; here is Heather MacDonald via video clip. She goes through what the numbers tell us. Leftists are attacking saying the data and analysis are racist. If you believe data and analysis should not be read when you do not like the conclusion stop here. But if you think facts matter then listen to what Ms. MacDonald has to say. It is an eye-opening look at what happens when we go about defunding the police.