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Where Do White Marxists Get Off?

Where Do White Marxists Get Off?

Where do white Marxists get off? Really, who died and left the Marxists in charge of telling black people how they should think? It really is starting to look like the Democrat plantation is rising again.

All you colored folks just sit down in the back of the bus. We’ll tell you what you need to be outraged about. When we stop the bus you pile out of the back. Take your signs and start demonstrating, protesting and rioting… We’ll let you know when to stop.

What’s wrong with, let’s not harbor preconceived notions based on people’s race? Wouldn’t it be a good thing to get to the place where you see somebody who is black and you don’t have preconceived notions of what they’re capable of? They are who they are. They can definitely think for themselves. What a concept.

Today what blacks think is becoming a real problem of the left. Democrats look at somebody who’s black and they think they know what blacks think. Or at least they think they know what blacks ought to think. How much stereotyping does that take? It is just plain bigoted.  That’s right Marxists are bigots.

Follow the leader

Think I’m hyping the point? Ponder it for a minute. Remember the Biden interview with the radio host Charlamagne tha God? Biden told Charlamagne black people actually “ain’t black” if they vote for President Trump over him. Not sure how the way you vote changes your skin color… How does that work? But the guy is the head of the Democrat Party.

Slavery is a bad thing in all circumstances. It was in place when America was founded. One way to think of that is as a “birth defect” of America. Yes, it has contributed to inequities in education, policing and economic opportunities.

But America ended slavery over 150 years ago. To mitigate the harm America has taken many steps. Are there scars? Sure, but much has been accomplished to heal and make equal opportunity available to all… all, not by color… all. Where do white Marxists get off?

America is the United Stated not the home of division and tyranny

Nobody knows what the systemic racism the Marxists are ranting about is. No one believes you can just sort of ‘take on systemic racism’. What we can do is to work together to make things better. As inequities are identified we can work to reduce them. If education is an area of concern we should embrace change which can mean increasing the practice of school choice.

Maybe we should consider making school choice the civil rights issue of our time. When you can have children go to a school where their parents want them to go it creates competition. Other schools work harder, because all of a sudden they realize they are losing. Educational outcomes will improve. They will need to get better to stem the student flight.

But there are Democrat groups of people against school choice. You have unions against it. There are interest groups against it. None of them are against school choice for the right reasons. They are against it for a lot of the wrong reasons.

Why does anybody want to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln and slaves? The memorial was actually funded by freed slaves. This whole statues and memorial destruction is out of control. Do we really want to be the Soviet Union where we’re trying to erase history? Who died and left the Marxists in charge of telling black people how they should think? Where do white Marxists get off? It is time to take our nation back.