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Why Is the Black Constituency So Hard Core Democrat?

the Black Constituency

Academia and the media are involved in peddling a narrative. Black America has bought the narrative they are pushing lock, stock, and barrel. The narrative is: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago the GOP used to be the party of black America. The Democrat Party was the racist party.

In a magical move more than five decades ago the two parties switched places. The Democrats became the party of civil rights. The GOP became the party of racism. The myth of the party switch is essential to the Democrat Party Narrative. Implicit in the narrative, falsely so, is that blacks became Democrats in the 1960s.

It does not matter if the GOP says black unemployment is down. The average black thinks a vote for the GOP is a vote for racism. The average black just is not going to vote for racism. Where your heart is, is where you are emotionally. That is more important than an objective look at policy or economics.

Bottom line, the GOP has to blow up the myth of the big switch. The reason the myth has to be blown up is that unless the GOP accomplishes the task it remains the party of racism. The magical move had nothing to do with the civil rights act. It had nothing to do with racism.

The myth, the legend, the difference…

The magical move of the 1960s is a myth because the voter shift did not happen then. Further, the reason for the change was economic not civil rights. Civil rights were a GOP issue by the way, not a Democrat issue. But blacks did switch parties. It’s just that they did not switch parties in the 1960s.

The switching of parties occurred in the 1930s. It was an economic switch as a result of the great depression. It came from the crumbs FDR promised in the New Deal. The great depression had hit blacks especially hard. Even the little FDR promised them was enough to attract their registration and support at the voting booth.

The Democrat crumbs were better than nothing. So they abandoned the Party of Lincoln. It was ultimately an economic motive not a civil rights motive which drove the party change. Since then, starting in the 1960s, the progressives have taken the story and rewritten the narrative. They have repackaged it and put a lot of effort into selling it. They have largely been successful.

Today the GOP spends its time citing economic data and pushing how the economy is doing well. But, the GOP does not attack the heart of the matter. The bottom line decider in black voting preference is: Which party is the party of bigotry? Which is the party of intolerance? Which is the party of racism? To change the vote of the black constituency the GOP must pin the racist tale on the Democrat Donkey.