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Biden Appointee, Fraud, And Obstruction

Have you ever heard of promoting your problem? Jay Inslee, governor ecology, of Washington has. It seems it is the Democrat way. Follow along and let’s see if we can explain it for you.

lives don't matter

The Collusive Oligarchy

We are in the few weeks of our time where decades of history seem to be happening. We are witnessing an unprecedented merging of corporate and government power that is fundamentally unconstitutional.

too many amendments

We Have Too Many Amendments Anyway

Biden isn’t even inaugurated yet, but the left is already attempting the complete destruction of First Amendment rights. Dissent comes from free speech and leftists allow only submission and compliance.

If you can keep it

The Left’s Burning Desire for Revenge

Every. Damned. Word.  E.g.: “In other words, are you out of your ever-loving little minds? These people STOLE two elections – it’s now absolutely obvious the nominal right is fine with this. They hope for crumbs from their masters’ tables.”

Sucktion 230

Sucktion 230 … Accountability for Thee But Not for Me

Sucktion 230 is all about accountability for thee but not for me. It is free speech battle… sorta. It’s not a battle for Leftist speech. It’s only a battle for conservative speech.  There is actually no movement afoot to restrict the speech of Leftists. But, the President’s tweets almost always receive a flag or fact-check. …

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