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Big tech control and your freedom

Pelosi Plans to Control What People Post on Social Media

Last year Speaker Pelosi, using her best judgment, suggested federal politicians should decide what people post on social media. That’s right; Pelosi suggested that freedom of expression for social media companies is a “gift” and a “privilege.” 

Ex-Google Engineer Charged with Stealing Self-Driving Car Secrets–R8REX6kAMAa0rsK6oOPKwewkYQR0E8wr04aWOBt7L84beFyNadc1q6KI1jhBT59xQsIdrEOh_rycpiWiHgRbKBIiOYg&_hsmi=76168936 Reuters is reporting the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) filed criminal charges against Anthony Levandowski earlier this week. Levandowski is a pioneer in self-driving car technology. He is accused of stealing trade secrets from Waymo, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet before joining Uber Technologies. The indictment includes 33 counts. Industry experts view …

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Big Tech’s censorship is election tampering.

Big Tech Vs. Our Freedom

Google, Facebook, and Twitter are monopolies. The executives running these companies see themselves as the arbiters of public discourse. Those executives use tools to suppress users and politicians they oppose. Those tools include shadowbanning, deplatforming, and demonetization. The tech companies believe social media played a pivotal role in Trump’s victory. They are moving aggressively to prevent …

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Big Tech vs. Banking & Big Government: Round 1

Facebook announced last month it would launch a global cryptocurrency in 2020. The announcement said Facebook and 28 partners would form a consortium. The partners include: MasterCard Inc., PayPal Holdings Inc., and Uber Technologies Inc.; among others. The new partnership will form under the name Libra Association. The purpose of Libra is to govern the …

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First Big Tech Came for the Conservatives…

In the beginning there was Microsoft… The original dominant company of the “computer world” was Microsoft. It’s dominance came through “aggressive” business practices. It was their way or the highway. They consumed other companies, their people and their ideas. Their business practices have been adopted and adapted by other successful Big Tech companies since. This …

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