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Supreme Court Heard Oral Argument in a Blaine Amendment Case

Judge is Blocking Alabama’s Strict Abortion Law

Tuesday federal Judge, Myron H. Thompson of the United States District Court in Middle Alabama, blocked the Alabama abortion ban from being enforced. Judge Thompson is blocking Alabama from enforcing the state’s strict abortion law. While hearing of the case the injunction will remain in place.

Black Vote For Trump is Mental Illness says Alabama Church

“A Black Vote For Trump Is Mental Illness” reads a sign at New Era Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  The reverse side says “A White Vote For Trump Is Pure Racism.” “God motivates me to take a stand for what’s right,” [Pastor] Jordan told the local station, adding: “Read the Bible and look in the White …

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Look For The Union Label…

That catchy tune from the 70’s/80’s ad campaign promoting Union made products might need to be re-spun with a new front man in the shadow of Hurricane Sandy.  Relief crews that drove all the way to New Jersey from Alabama were told thanks, but no thanks—we don’t want your help….because you use non-union labor. This …

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