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Trump-Backed Primary Challenger Defeats Jeff Sessions for Shot at US Senate Seat

Tommy Tuberville

Longtime US Senator from Alabama and former Trump AG Jeff Sessions wanted to go back to the Senate. Mr. Trump, unhappy with his performance as AG, backed a challenger. Yesterday that guy, Auburn University’s head football coach Tommy Tuberville, won that primary.

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It’s a big win for Trump after a misfire back in March.

Alabama’s GOP primary in March had no candidate with a majority of the votes, with both Sessions and Tuberville having drawn about 32 percent, leading to the July 14 runoff.

Doug Jones, the first Democrat to win a senate seat in Alabama in a quarter-century, will have strong support from the left, including, I’d expect, the Never Trumpers. But Jones is a trainwreck. The Club for Growth’s score is 11%. Think about that. During what was for the majority of his time there an economic boom, he scores 11% on economic issues.

Economic issues are, right now, the most important of all.

Regardless of all this wild talk about the things the government needs to do, we can’t do them without rebuilding the tax base. I’m not saying I want to do any of them, but as a matter of debate, the government needs to get out of the way and incentivize private wealth creation, or we’ll have nothing to pay for the State and local government we have now. (We already don’t have money to pay for their federal government.)

Instead of stealing from business owners to create hit-or-miss jobs, programs give them tax breaks or credits for hiring and training the people they need.

Offer tax incentives for folks to join trade schools and share that benefit with businesses that sponsor or hire them.

Instead of assuming you know better how to spend other people’s money, do something different.

State Government’s looked at COVID-19 and killed the economy. They closed the revenue spigot. The Feds went on another spender-bender, and there’s no money for that.

No responsible public servent should dare to propose or support newer or higher taxes on the engines they idled.

But they will, and we need to step up and say stop. It’s time to idle (at least some of) the government now. Instead of kicking us while we are down, how about stepping back and letting us get back up, catch our breath, stretch, and begin to run.

Tuberville says he a DC outsider and he is that kind of guy – lowering the debt is a big priority for him, and that can’t happen without two of our favorite things, less spending, and more pro-growth economic policy.

Here in New Hampshire, Democrats want to raise taxes. They want to increase spending. Add regulations. They are not alone, so we need to step up and send a message. You can’t be trusted to put us first. We’re idling you for a few years until we get back on our feet. Electing and re-electing candidates we know (or suspect) to have a track record of success with economic growth. Not one of which is a Democrat.

If we don’t make that happen, we may never recover, and that’s the truth.

Because the Left doesn’t want us to recover.