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[Update] CNN, Dorian, and Alabama: Media v Trump (Revenge Video Added!)

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In the void left by the absence of nearly non-stop collusion-coverage (is collusion even a real word?) Da’ Media has time to fill. Into that hole, they dropped this bomb. Trump showed the Hurricane heading to Alabama. What a dope. Not so, fast.

Video added below

President Trump shared a graphic that showed Dorian presenting a potential risk to the Gulf and Alabama. The media reaction to this was Asshat! What a gull-a-bull. What a maroon. See, we may have been wrong for over two years about collusion (whatever that is) but look at this ape.

Let’s unpack that.

You may recall the media and a few folks who really trust them hoping a CAT 5 hurricane was going to crash headlong into Mar a Lago. That path was a distinct possibility. This would have taken Dorian across the Florida peninsula and into the gulf. What’s in the Gulf of Mexico aside form more warm water? Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama?

The left prayed that the elemental finger of god would punish evil non-believer Trump by wiping out his resort. They were counting on it taking a track that would have put Alabama at risk.

Didn’t happen.

Now they are claiming Trump is the idiot?

NOAA of all places has come down on the side of the President.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a statement Friday evening disavowing a days-old tweet from the National Weather Service that contradicted President Trump over the reach of Hurricane Dorian.

The NOAA statement, which was unsigned and posted to the agency’s website on Friday, said that the “Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.”

These are the same forecast and products that made the left giddy with anticipation. That even though hundreds of thousands of folks would be displaced. That their property would be damaged or lost. That lives would probably end. Trump might be punished

That fantasy is impossible if the track didn’t suggest that which the left so deeply desired.

Instead, the weather did what it does. Whatever the hell it wants no matter how many forecasts or products are analyzed by the infinite number of monkeys tasked with predicting the weather (and the climate) from tomorrow to 2100.

Dorian showed us that they can’t tell much about anything that’s right in front of them. We should probably not put too much stock in any predictions further out.

Here at Granite Grok, we don’t.

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President Trump has tweeted a special video of CNN in which they say Dorian could impact…Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama…(watch it until the end, it is so, worth it)!


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