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Mayor Pete’s Ancestors Owned Slaves on Land That Belonged to the Choctaw Tribe

Pete Buttigeig

Mayor Pete has issues. He’s not nearly popular enough with minorities to be a viable general election candidate. And this news, if true, will not help him. His Alabama ancestors owned slaves.

Mayor Cheat’s,

“…great-great-great-great-grandfather, a Tennessee congressman and planter named William Marshall Inge. Inge was one of the pioneer settlers of Sumter County, Alabama, after land there was ceded to the United States by the Choctaw tribe in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, the first of the treaties signed under President Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policy. Census records also show the Inge family as the owners of five or six slaves during their time in Alabama.”

So his family owned slaves on land that belonged to Native Americans. Land that was, to use the proper lefty language, stolen from native Americans.

There’s no such thing as native Americans, but that matters not. We are referring to the universe as defined by the left. Not good news for the Butt Edge Edge.

I know, it’s okay, he’s gay and on the identity politics totem gay has more “super-delegates” than a suppressed minority. Sorry, that’s not going to work anymore either.

An assistant professor in women’s gender and sexuality studies at Yale University is claiming that Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten are a “vision of heterosexuality without straight people.”

She goes on to note that this is true because Pete’s too white to be gay (Gay people of color are higher on the totem).

Then, she immediately transitions into suggesting that the apparent comfortability that the “whiteness” of the photo provides basically makes it a heterosexual photo: “The argument I am making, of course, is that this photo is about a lot of things, but one of its defining features is its heterosexuality,” LaFleur writes. “It’s offering us the promise that our first gay first family might actually be a straight one.”

Pete Buttigieg is now just as bad as his white Privileged, “heterosexual” slave owner ancestors who lived on stolen Indian land. 

He should declare himself a female candidate running for President. Maybe that’ll save him.

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