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Look For The Union Label…

ILFWU ad campaing promoted Union products in the seventies and early eighties
Look for the Union Label - for obstruction and delay in a time of crisis

That catchy tune from the 70’s/80’s ad campaign promoting Union made products might need to be re-spun with a new front man in the shadow of Hurricane Sandy.  Relief crews that drove all the way to New Jersey from Alabama were told thanks, but no thanks—we don’t want your help….because you use non-union labor.

This looks like a good time to Quote the President.

President Barack Obama vowed: “We are not going to tolerate red tape, we are not going to tolerate bureaucracy.”


Now before you lefties get all hinky about this being strictly a union thing, Obama’s got all the Union kingpins on speed dial, right?  The White House has been like their own Holiday Inn Express.  (I hear the intercontinental breakfast is to die for.) He’s the go to, looking all presidential, union glad-hander so this should be right up his fairway.  Of course tolerating unions is what Obama does.

And while we are at it so has New Jersey.  New Jersey is just as much to blame for endearing themselves to politicians and forced union participation requirements, and that entire union only culture.

So I guess the union bosses will have to get out there and tell the women and children hit hardest that they may not have power for a few more days and weeks because the power brokers turned away the crews that came to help because they were not  union laborers.

I guess a) not only does government not work for Obama unless “Obama” gives the word (and then it still doesn’t work) but b) unions are just another cold bureaucratic barrier to our well being.  Forward!