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House Democrat Priorities – Investigate WeatherGate and the Hurricane That Never Hit Alabama

Trump Dorian Path Alabama

Because there is nothing more pressing for Democrats to do in the US House they are opening another investigation. Who pressured NOAA to back the President on the subject of whether Dorian was headed toward Alabama?

Was it CNN!?


I doubt House Democrats will question anyone from CNN about their similar predictions or if they had any influence on the Presidents claims. No one at CNN will ever get investigated by House Democrats unless it is for not covering one of their narratives long enough.

So, did the White House Pressure the National Weather Service?

Was NOAA intimidated into chiding the Birmingham Office for its rebuttal of the president’s use of the same information used by CNN?

Is anyone going to dare ask, where did CNN get its information?

Is this the biggest non-scandal-scandal ever?

There is, of course, a question of propriety. Did the Chief Executive use his office to ask another office he oversees to correct an error by another office he oversees? Even though that other office was ultimately right?

Trump says he never asked anyone to do anything. The NYT says, well

Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, told Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary, to have the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration publicly disavow the forecasters’ position that Alabama was not at risk. NOAA, which is part of the Commerce Department, issued an unsigned statement last Friday in response, saying that the Birmingham, Ala., office was wrong to dispute the president’s warning.

I’m going to go with the correct use of the phrase “some people did something.” Or someone.

And it won’t rise to the level of King Henry cursing Thomas Becket who was later killed by some of Henry’s knights. But it sounds serious. Serious enough that House Democrats (left empty-handed with no collusion) think THIS is the time when they’ll finally get Donald Trump.

I’m not holding my breath in fact, I’m almost embarrassed for them. 

This is dumb.

 I’d be happy to wait for one of two dozen or more tell-all books to broach that topic, not that I’ll read any of them. Life is short. And someone else will.

That aside, the Democrats have been lying non-stop about the planet, weather, and climate for 30 years.

They’ve lied about nearly everything that’s happened since November 2016. And this, THIS! is the thing that will restore their credibility.

Vote Democrat! Trump wanted backup on the weather data they gave him, and somebody made a phone call.


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