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Fears About Roe v. Wade’s Future Erupt on the Left as Alabama All But Bans Abortion

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Alabama just passed a law, signed by the governor that essentially bans all abortions. The only exception is a circumstance with a severe risk to the woman’s health. Any abortion outside that exception would be a felony punishable by 10-99 years in prison.

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That’s for the abortion provider, not the woman having the abortion. Women seeking or obtaining abortions are not subject to any penalty.

The left has, naturally, lost its mind.

The story goes like this. Blah, blah women’s health care. Blah. Blah, court challenge. Blah, Blah Supreme Court. F-ing Justice Kavanaugh!


Observervers and stakeholder are afraid SCOTUS will toss Roe v Wade. Cue music, end of times, red-robed women marching about with white lampshades on their heads. All of this is BS.

As I’ve noted repeatedly, without federal interference, state and their peoples are free to decide the matter for themselves. A Right the left seeks to enjoy on a wide range of other progressive priorities like illegal alien sanctuary, recreational drug use, firearms confiscation, and so on.

Put another way, if Roe was dumped, without any action by the New Hampshire Legislature, abortion in the Granite State will continue from conception to birth, unreported, and can be performed by anybody with no oversight whatsoever.

Roe v Wade is just a clump of words.

Overturning it changes nothing at the state level. Not. One. Thing. Not here, not anywhere else in the nation.

States whose elected officials want abortion can pass it. If they don’t, same deal. And everything in between. If voters disagree they can elect new representatives.

And then there’s always Congress. Given the bandwidth, Democrat’s would ram through a more restrictive set of rules the first chance they get for the whole country. Republicans should, in theory, want the opposite. Which is how it is supposed to work.

And you all know that. You’re just pissed off that it might not work in your favor and you are not sure how to get back there from here.

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