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Proof That Democrats Sherry Frost and Wendy Thomas Are Not Only Not Badass, They Are Afraid Of Republicans

Scary Sherry Frost

According to a recent Tweet, Potty-Mouthed Dover Democrat Sherr Frost is one of “Two badass warrior women, scaring the sh!t out of Republicans since 2017.” Sherry is on the Left, Wendy Thomas on the right (of the picture but nothing else). And neither of them is badass or scaring Republicans; in fact, the truth (as usual) is exactly the opposite.

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Democrat Sherry Frost got re-elected in November. She’s from the Deep Blue ideological ghetto in Dover, which means she can have the start as long as she keeps running. Merrimack Democrat Wendy Thomas is not so fortunate.

She won in the 2018 Democrat Wave election in a mostly Republican Town and was shown the door in 2020. She is running in a special election to fill the seat of recently deceased NH  House Speaker Dick Hinch.

And I know of not one Republican who is scared by either of them since, ever, but I do have stories about how these two snowflakes are afraid of “Republicans.”

Frost once filed a complaint because she felt threatened when someone painted a rifle “white with cherries” on it. The item, a custom-designed firearm raffled off at a second-amendment rally, was called the cherry frost.

The very intimidating Sherry is apparently homophonicphobic. (A fear of things that sound like her name, yeah, I just made that up).

The “badass” Dover Democrat was so-triggered she reportedly contacted protective services and the FBI about the threat she claims the name ‘cherry frost’ represented.

Guess what happened? Nothing because it was not about her. Very little ever is. Don’t tell her; it might make her mad.

The woman next to her is Wendy Thomas. She is one of those ‘Reps in Merrimack’ who was scared by political speech with which she disagreed. Sharing these women’s voting records with the public is some sort of attack.

One or more of the cabal of easily triggered Merrimack Democrat water-warriors is alleged to have called the police because they felt threatened by a cartoon attached to an article that was not about them or anything they’d ever done.

Jan Schmidt, another gift that keeps on giving, broke the news when she claimed they had to get police protection because of GraniteGrok.  Jan makes a lot sh!t up (look here as well), so this was also too good to ignore.

Responding to a Right to Know Request, we discovered that no Merrimack Reps were receiving any police protection. No one at GraniteGrok was ever contacted by the police about any alleged, implied, or even imagined threats; we never knew until Jan Schmidt lied about it or was lied to about it.

Remember, these are badass women scaring Republicans.

But wait, there’s More.

Wendy and Sherry are so badass that they co-sponsored a bill to deny ‘Republicans’ and New Hampshire citizens the first amendment right to political speech.

HB1159 would have allowed Wendy or Sherry or Jan or their family, or any public servant or their family, to file a civil lawsuit against anyone who wrote something online they could claim made them feel intimidated. In other words, Republicans talking about them or sharing publicly available information could be labeled as doxxing to silence the opposition if it made them uncomfortable.

The mere existence of such a law would have a chilling effect on the right to report on or criticize elected officials.

Quick reminder: Badass women scaring Republicans.

I’m still not done. Despite existing statute to address legitimate allegations of doxxing or intimidation9there was no need for HB1159), their Bill had a unique characteristic. It gave this special power to public servants like Sherry and Wendy but not you or me.

Here’s my written testimony on the bill. You can find more fisking here, as well. All of which leads us back to the beginning.

We have two women scaring themselves (or lying about it for political purposes) because of Republicans who are not afraid of them.

Bad, yes, badass, no.

A few more points. First, thanks for giving yourself a new nickname Scary Sherry. Second, Wendy, thanks for tying yourself to Frost, one of the most vulgar intolerant women I’ve ever come across on the internet and possibly the most hostile intolerant Rep (at least on Twitter) in NH House history. It can’t but help your odds at losing re-election again.

Former Democrat NH House Rep Nancy Murphy, who is running for the Merrimack Town Council, was also a co-sponsor of the speech stifling legislation. Easily triggered and prone to measures suppressing your first amendment rights.

And yes, these badass women or a proxy will probably view this article as an attack, and we hope they do. It only proves our point (again).