Which NH Democrat House Rep(s) Lied About Police Protection Because of Granite Grok? - Granite Grok

Which NH Democrat House Rep(s) Lied About Police Protection Because of Granite Grok?

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In late May, we revealed a claim by Nashua Alderman and Democrat House Rep. Jan Schmidt. Jan shared on a public forum that because of all the “hate” we’d whipped up several reps in Merrimack had police protection. Several. Well, a Grokster asked the police chief in Merrimack who these folks might be and got a reply.

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The result of that 91a request was, none.

Not a one.

None of them, if it wasn’t clear, has or had police protection. As far as we can tell, no one requested it or has reported any situation that might warrant it. 

So, why is a Nashua Alderman and Democrat representative in the State House spreading lies about threats and police protection when there was neither?

All we’ve done is to report on their public comments and their votes in Concord. And that makes them uncomfortable?

I can’t imagine why. I’ve written over 10,600 public blog posts here (thousands of other’s elsewhere). I’ve got over 18,000 tweets and who knows how many status-updates on Facebook or other social media.  And I’m not uncomfortable about any of them. I stand behind every word. But I didn’t run for office claiming I’d fight for clean water in Merrimack (which isn’t even a real issue if we’re honest – here and here) and then vote for every tax fee and far-left idea rammed down the pipe by Democrat socialists in Concord.

You are so uncomfortable in your ideological skin that a snarky first amendment exercise calling out your actual decisions justifies fake stories about threats and police protection which you share with others.

You’re not only lying to your constituents you are lying to fellow Representatives. Unless, of course, Nashua Democrat Jan Schmidt just made that up herself?

However this started or spread, has anyone learned that petty attempts to silence our speech aren’t going to work?  I honestly hope you haven’t learned a thing. The material is appreciated, and the articles practically write themselves.