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NH Media Finally Covers Women’s Defense League 2A Rally – Over Manufactured Controversy


The Women’s Defense League held its annual Second Amendment Rally last Saturday. GraniteGrok covered it. Everyone else in the New Hampshire media ignored it until Democrats concocted a controversy.

Now it’s front page news.

The Union Leader is reporting that Snowflake Timmy Horrigan, a seacoast-area Rep., filed a complaint. Democrat NH House Speaker Steve Shurtleff, regarding the use of the State House plaza for the event, notes that,

“The permit came from Department of Administrative Services, so it’s up to them, but in their boiler plate permit it states you cannot sell anything, and I suppose selling raffle tickets would be a violation of standard licensing,” said Shurtleff.

But that’s not controversial. It’s a technicality. They also raffled off an American flag quilt and some other items. One of which was a rifle called the cherry frost.

It’s painted white with cherries on it.  Sen. Bob Clegg announced the raffle for the firearm at the event last Saturday.  I heard the announcement and never once thought of a Democrat, let alone one named Sherry Frost. Neither did Clegg or probably anyone else.

“Everything is not about her,” said Clegg on Wednesday. “There is cherry frost lipstick, cherry frost vodka, cherry frost slushies at 7/11. They are just looking to create a thing.”

And they are. According to the report Frost herself has spoken with protective services and yes, the FBI. Seriously? Yes. A 1 of 400 $100.00/year-earning state reps from a town that would elect any Democrat to the office fears for her life? Why? She’s outspoken. 

I think I can speak for the pro-gun community (and conservatives and Republicans everywhere) when I say that no one wants anything to happen to Sherry Frost – she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Not Enough Attention at Home?

If the NH House is a carnival, she’s a side-show attraction. She is the amusement that distracts from more serious matters of the day. Her twitter habit is a gold-mine of left-wing tropes. And the only rifle anyone would purposefully name after Sherry Frost is one that doesn’t shoot straight if and when it actually works. But Frost must not be getting enough attention online.

“In the age of Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise, and the man who was just arrested a couple weeks ago with an arsenal and a hit list that included lawmakers, public officials are literally as well as figuratively targets, and I think in this environment it is not unreasonable to assume that if someone is naming a gun after me they are making a pretty clear statement about what they want.”

Thinking someone invested many hours of their life putting a custom paint job on a firearm just so they could name it after you suggest you have more in common with Jared Lee Loughner than not. As for Steve Scalise, he was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

I think Sherry supported Bernie Sanders.

Need I say More?