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How Many NH Democrats Have Police Protection Because We Posted Their Voting Records?


A few months ago one of Merrimack House Democrat Rosemarie Rung‘s Facebook followers told her to call the police if I threaten her. Rung had posted a link on Facebook to a post of mine in which I defend Republican House Rep Jeanine Notter.  For that, Ms. Rung wanted residents to know that people like me live in town.

As if more of them read her than me.

Rosemarie Rung facebook2.2 crop

I was touched. And the irony was not lost on me. I was, after all being singled out for holding an elected official accountable. I live for that. And with a splash of left-wing intimidation. 

So I wrote a post and told everyone about it.

It’s what we do around here; to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians. And there’s a theme. We oppose big government, high taxes, overregulation, cultural deterioration, and legislative overreach into your lives.  We’re also big on protecting natural human rights.

Jan Schmidt, a Nashua Democrat who has also enjoyed our ‘affections’ thinks that makes us a right-wing hate site. She says it a lot which tells you that we have shared her voting record and public antics which we have. Jan, like Merrimack’s Four Horsewomen of the Leftwing Apocalypse, is a special snowflake. And today she had this to say about…grog. 

Jan Schmidt hate blog police protection cropped

“It is a blog used to attack anyone not of the far right, several Reps from Merrimack now has police protection because of the hate grog has whipped up – for absolutely no reason.”

So, yeah, what does that look like? Are Merrimack’s finest, who recently renewed my pistol revolver license, by the way, reading things on the internet before our sensitive Democrat State reps are allowed to see them?

Is there some sort of physical presence?

Or am I being surveilled – which would be the most boring job ever. Lots of lovey-talk to the dogs, yelling at my adult children to wash their damn dishes and discussion about what to stream next. So much to watch, so little time. Driving to work and back. Grocery shopping. The Dump on Saturday. Yard work.

No fascist gatherings to plot the demise of virtue-signaling liberals because Fascists are actually totalitarian leftists who believe in top town command and control government and we’re conservatarians who believe in the opposite. I’ve got 10,558 posts (so far) to prove it!

As a quick aside, can anyone find me evidence of Democrat Jan Schmidt or any of Merrimack’s Four Horsewomen of the Leftwing Apocalypse (or any Democrat in NH) openly and persistently opposing leftwing riots or the violence and threats Antifa use to intimidate and silence people with whom Democrats (coincidentally) disagree?

Don’t hurt yourselves looking but send it to me if you find it.

As for the “police protection” thing, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. The police never even called. No letter in the mail. No drive by, no interview, no nothing. You’d think, before allocating precious resources, they’d do an investigation. Or maybe I stream too many cop shows and they don’t actually do that.

Or maybe, just maybe, this is just a harmless new media newsy opinion free speech sort of thing, which Jan is not enjoying.

Jan schmidt accountability


Maybe Jan doesn’t like that we have more online readers than the Nashua Telegraph. This means that a lot of people have seen Democrat voting records and read our opinion about those votes and issues.

Bottom line is some Democrat(s) got pretty worked up about being challenged in public about their political priorities. And it sounds like they are lying to Democrat Jan Schmidt about “police protection.” Or maybe Jan has embellished it, or she doesn’t care if it’s a lie, which is not the best trait for an elected representative to have, but (sadly) not at all uncommon.


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