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Nashua Board of Alderman Vote to Reject Curfew [ Updated]

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In an unexpected move, the Board of Alderman has voted against implementing a curfew for the city. of Nashua. The ordinance would have required already struggling bars and restaurants to close at 9:30, but the vote wasn’t even close.

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The idea was originally proposed and approved by the Department of Public Health. That board voted unanimously to approve the measure, moving to the board of Alderman. It appeared a done deal.

Nashua has been all too willing to embrace every suggestion to come down the covidiot highway no matter what harm it might cause in the name of appearing to do something.

That something would look like this.

Effective at 12:01 AM on the day following passage of this legislation, in the City of Nashua no indoor activities may take place after 9:30 PM at any establishment where masks cannot be worn the entire time on site, specifically at bars, restaurants, and night clubs where eating or drinking occurs where masks have to be removed.

The concern was that Bay-Staters, where masks and curfews are pushing them northward, would continue to flood Nashua looking for some sign of social life and bring the dreaded Rona with them.

The Board rejected the curfew, and we admit to being surprised and impressed.

The vote wasn’t even close, 4-11. Even Jan Schmidt was reportedly against it.

I’m not yet clear on who was for or against it or why. I’ll have to add those details in a follow-up later, but we wanted to share this small bit of good news.

Nashua has Rejected a curfew. There is hope.

[Update] We have the roll call for this vote. A yes vote was in favor of the curfew a no vote opposed it.

Linda Harriott-Gathright — Yes
Ernest Jette — Yes
Shoshanna Kelly— Yes
Thomas Lopez — Yes

June Caron — No
Ben Clemons — No
Richard Dowd — No
Elizabeth Lu — No
Patricia Klee — No
Brandon Michael Laws — No
Michael O’Brien SR. — No
Skip Cleaver — No
Jan Schmidt — No
David Tencza — No
Lori Wilshire — No