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Challenging NH’s Elite Media: We’d Like to Thank Them for The Opportunity

media spoon feeding

Traditional Media coverage of political events in New Hampshire is biased. There was a well-attended Second Amendment rally on March 9th (for example) that was not covered by the local press.

It is a premier grass-roots second amendment event of the year (and every year) in a pro-gun state under assault from the left. An excellent opportunity for the press to learn from the citizens of their state.

No one in the elite media could be bothered to attend. Not even to mock them. Bias by omission? They didn’t want to give them a platform? Keep attention away from the gun-grabbing bills? Prevent any normalization of the second-amendment culture? All the above?

There was one ginned-up Liberal controversy from that event made the “news” after the fact. They had to work with the observations of others, and they screwed that up.

Governor Who?

Not long after the Governor himself was featured at an event in front of the same Statehouse. He spoke to a crowd hoping to stop similar assaults from the left on everything from taxes to education to election law to drinking straws. But local media took little interest. Not in his words or their thoughts.

As Skip notes, the Concord Monitor did have a reporter present but (probably and only) because it was in Concord.

We could write it off as bias, but I wouldn’t give them that much credit. Not even the governor’s presence was enough to overcome their disinterest in reporting what their editors and producers must consider the mewling of irritable children.

Reporters go where they are told. (As Skip notes they went to the NHGOP Fundraiser… to report on Lara Trump).

So, if the elite media doesn’t report an event did it really happen?

This maxim rides side-saddle along with the one that insists that what did happen was presented by them as it was meant to be viewed. Without filter or bias. We know that’s not the case. It’s not even possible. 

An opportunity for GraniteGrok.

First, for clarity, we don’t pretend to be unbiased. We’re conservatarians. Conservatives and “small l” Libertarians. Our intention is to provide coverage that isn’t edited to create a narrative. Even if we must produce segments that fit a short time-frame for easy consumption (samples) the entire unedited video is typically available on our YouTube channel.

So, if the elite media doesn’t report an event did it really happen? Opportunity happened. Space for us to provide the coverage that is literally missing from the Granite State’s media landscape. And it is coverage that appeals to more than a third and as much as half the population.

We have a plan. We’ve just begun to implement it. And we hope that our full-time jobs and busy lives permit us to fill this void. And we can use your help. 

  • Let us know about events in advance.
  • Offer to be a stringer (smartphone in hand) to capture some of the moments for us to share.
  • Submit an op-ed from an event you attended or in which you took part.

Because you can’t count on the Elite media for that.