PHOTOMENTARY: Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage RallyPHOTOMENTARY: Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage Rally - Granite Grok

PHOTOMENTARY: Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage Rally

Today was the rally to “Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage,” held by the Granite State Taxpayers organization.

Governor Sununu was there as were many Granite Staters from across the state who seek to preserve the NH Advantage – less taxes, especially NO INCOME TAX, less regulations, NOT MORE and of course, our freedoms such as the 2nd Amendment.

NH Democrats have been on a disturbing, out-of-control, power trip to try and DESTROY everything that is good about New Hampshire. Governor Sununu has the opportunity to use the MANY red pens he’s received (including from Democrat voters) to END their lunacy, with the stroke of a pen.

Below is a ‘photomentary’ of the rally today.

Let’s begin with the obvious:

No commentary necessary:

Someone should probably let Michael Bloomberg know… or maybe just his bought-and-paid-for Democrats:

This entire NH Family ‘gets it’ about the Democrats’ Income Tax:

Did I mention that it is Dan Feltes (who may actually run for governor *hurl*) that is pushing the Income Tax?? If voters had voted for Pamela Ean (pictured), this wouldn’t be an issue right now:

Two of our ‘good senators’ Sharon Carson and Regina Birdsell:


NH College Republicans don’t mess around:

When NH children are smarter than Democrats:

Seriously, do NOT Tread on Jeanine Notter!

Another NH Family who understands that Democrats are doing nothing but DESTROYING the Granite State with their outrageous legislation:

Get it yet Democrats?

If you fall for the LIES of NH Democrats and other extreme left-wing organizations pushing propaganda in New Hampshire, you might be a sheeple:

New State Motto?

Just VETO anything and everything Democrats pass. Democrats literally have NOTHING GOOD TO OFFER Granite Staters:

Last but not least…………………