Granite State Taxpayers Rally - Gov. Chris Sununu - Granite Grok

Granite State Taxpayers Rally – Gov. Chris Sununu

GST - Gov. Chris Sununu

The message that the House and the Senate want to send to the Governor is “we are with you Governor! On all your vetoes, Governor, we’re going to stand with you!”

The Granite State Taxpayers held a rally today at the State House (Concord, NH) – Speakers included Ray Chadwick (Chair, GST), NH State Rep (and Republican Minority Leader) Dick Hinch, NH State Senator (and Republican Minority Leader) Chuck Morse, Womens’ Defense League of NH (and Grokster!) Kimberly Morin, and NH Governor Chris Sununu.

I am doing the videos out of chronological order but that’s ok because, well, I can.  So I’m putting up Gov. Sununu’s talk first:

I’ll be putting up the rest soon.  Also have some pictures but that will be on another post.

His message was that NH has been different for over 250 years; that it isn’t about Government, this is about Freedom

We will not let our personal Freedoms be infringed upon.

He also told a couple of stories about some young Progressives (“that’s a good point”) and what kind of pens that Young Democrats gave him to sign SB1 (the involuntary income tax that comes with the Govt controlled and mandatory participation of the Democrat paid family leave act) with (Oopsies wrong color pens!).

Gov. Sununu also said that he will be vetoing SB1. Full Stop

Live Free or Die is not just four words on a license plate!