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Media Bias Displayed in Presidential Town Halls

October 15’s Presidential Candidate Town Halls revealed extensive media bias and a contrast of old plans and old promises versus rapid accomplishments. George Stephanopoulos rarely involved himself in VP Biden’s town hall, giving the audience and VP Biden time to ask and answer questions.

Trump Flags Monument

President Trump Gets COVID19 – GOOD!

That was my first reaction  (GOOD!) upon learning that President Donald J. Trump had come down with the Wuhan Flu.  (I just named it for the place it came from like the Spanish Flu came from Spain and German Measles came from Germany, etc.).

Trump - art of the trolling

Donald Trump – Master Troller

Master Troller or  Master Truth Teller: Trump greets media after DNC: “Good to see you all. Hope you had a great weekend at your convention.”

Was The Times Error Tolerance or Intolerance?

Was The Times Error Tolerance or Intolerance?

The New York Times failed to anticipate the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. It sought to correct its error of judgment by facilitating non-leftist opinions. Those of centrists, conservatives, and others rarely appear on the Times’ editorial page.