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NH Media – abrogation of their responsibilities, or just plain biases showing?


GraniteGrok was there at the Granite State Taxpayer’s NH Advantage Rally yesterday.  It was important, it was a Conservative event. We covered it; we’ve got some video up already – and a little bit more to do as well.  It’s what we do. So, I decided to do a thought experiment.

If just “showing up” was important to the ‘Grok, where Governor Sununu spoke on some policy ideas and actions, what about the rest of NH’s vaunted media sites? You know, those corporations that have million dollar operations to cover newsworthy events no matter the ideological bent. Could they spare a reporter or even a stringer (part-timer)?  For instance, was WMUR present or do a report?


Well, certainly the largest and most “influential” newspaper, the Union Leader, covered it as the Governor of NH spoke, right?


Telegraph? Keene Sentinel? Nashua Telegraph? Seacoast Online? Fosters? Conway Sun? Laconia Sun? Anyone else around the State that wanted to cover an event that had a preponderance of Conservative voters (and a couple of Democrat Trackers waiting for a Republican politician to have a “gotcha” moment – yes, we know who you are).


Only the Concord Monitor did anything (well, it did happen in their town, right? Felt “obligated”?); reformatted:

Gov. Chris Sununu railed against Democratic initiatives at a Concord rally Saturday, taking aim at proposed tax increases in a hard-charging speech months ahead of an expected budget standoff. Addressing a crowd of several hundred people, Sununu spoke against moves by the Democratically-controlled legislature to roll back certain cuts to the business profits tax and institute a mandatory paid family leave plan, which he characterized as an income tax. And he painted his governorship as a conservative backstop to a wave of left-leaning bills that had put the state “on the precipice of something very dangerous.”

“Our responsibility is five and ten and fifty years down the road,” the governor said. “To say we will not let an income tax come into our state, we will not let our personal freedoms be infringed upon.”

And Sununu explicitly told people that he’d be vetoing SB1 – the Democrat mandatory Paid Family Leave Act that’s like Obamacare: you WILL participate and we will take your money to pay for this program we want to “give” to you.  After all, you’re all numbskulls that can’t plan for yourselves, can you?

We’ve seen the press here in cover Left-leaning events that might only have a couple of dozen attendees (at best) in droves (like Democrat Billionaires Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Civilian Disarmament or Tom Styer’s NexGen or NTI outfits).  But they decided that this group of concerned conservative voters and activists that showed up on the State House Plaza weren’t worth their time and effort.  Which proves one thing (H/T: Howie Carr, heh!):

We’re not like the others

No, indeed. GraniteGrok. Conservative. Consistent. And in this case, living up to our motto: “Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire“.

Easy to do – we show up. They didn’t.

So ask yourself – do they bias much?