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About that Outsourcing…

“Nothing like being scolded by a hippie.”  —Sarah Dessen

President Barack Hussein Obama, the Outsourcer-in-Chief

Yet another campaign ad from Obummer accusing Mittens of outsourcing jobs. Fact-Check.org, as well as the other pundits have weighed in on this issue, “yet they still fiddle.” Does Fisker Automotive  come to mind?

And what about outsourcing? What is the deal with outsourcing? Does anybody ever think about the concept beyond the fact that outsourcing is done for the pursuit of lower costs and cheaper labor? We certainly need to.

I drive an SUV…it has eight cylinders…gets roughly 14 miles to the gallon around the city. Why not drive a more cost effective vehicle? Good Question, Thanks for asking! One cannot carry 1,445 lbs of stuff inside a vehicle other than one rated to do so…mine is…and I do frequently carry up to 6-800 lbs of “stuff.” Second, I pull trailers…heavy trailers….so that is why I own a gas guzzler….So when I get gas, I often outsource, using a website called Gasbuddy.com looking for the lowest price…in order to pay less…for gas….This is human behavior not exclusive or unique to me. 

Likewise with business owners. They try to produce and deliver goods at the lowest cost to consumers…Consumers buy the goods at the lowest possible cost available.

Enter, The Government and the Unions. If the economic market metric dictates that wages to produce a good is $12 per hour…Unions demand $18-20 per hour, driving the cost to produce the good…up. Then, the Government with its’ ubiquitous regulations, taxes, fees and surcharges, drives the cost of production, that much higher. So what is one to do? Its’ a no-brainer…One must look for alternatives to the money-grubbing, fat-cat corrupt Unions, the overburdensome regulations, the fleecing government fees and surcharges….Send the production off shore. Yep, nobody likes that, but companies are driven to it.

When companies throw off the yolk of government economic oppression, moving production to a more economically favorable venue, Liberals line up to beat them over the head for, “outsourcing American Jobs.”  Liberals engage in class warfare dividing the masses into the working class (proletariat) from the American Entrepreneur (bourgeoisie) and recently, the American small business owner (petite bourgeoisie).

So what of this outsourcing? Hypocites “outsourcing” is merely a buzz word, garnering negative connotations, which means somebody in the economic food chain has sought a substitute in pursuit of a lower cost.  During the elections of 2004, we heard the never-ending hues and cries of, “outsourcing, class warfare and tax the rich,” out of John Kerry’s campaign.

Yet, in 2010, John Kerry Purchased a Yacht, and dodged a Bay State six figure tax tab, simply by mooring her in Newport Rhode Island. Who’s outsourcing now?

Another group of hypocrite tax dodgers are the uber-liberals in the television and movie industry. Films are often made in states where they can avoid the exhorbitant money gobbling California state taxes. Aren’t those people all very very rich? How is tax dodging, “paying their fair share,” by their own standard?

Lastly, I must not forget the Bay State House Rep Michael Rodrigue…He voted to increase the liquor and sales taxes, and then was spotted at a New Hampshire Liquor store stocking up his supply of libations.

All this talk of outsourcing…How do we do it? Think about that on your next trip to Walmart to purchase your low-cost Chinese made goods.

Of course we cannot say enough about the faux liberal concern for the “poverty wages” paid overseas.  Lets say it costs a person roughly $1.32 per day, per person to subsist in a third world country.  That is  seventeen cents per hour based on an American work day. So a company pays .53 per hour or $4.24 per day.  Then along comes an American company offering  double that wage….Liberals attack the American company for paying such a low wage, yet  ignore the fact that they have doubled the workers standard of living. typical…

Liberals care little for the condition of people and more about Progressivism, class warfare and their Marxist worldview.  Think a little deeper about what it means to outsource, rather than support at face value some notion of, “the mankeeping the people down. Its a tired old hippy argument. End outsourcing by lowering taxes on business, rolling back ubiquitous and needless, inane regulations, and keep the unions out of the workplace….The only thing that comes from unions to workers is worry about the next lay-off and lining the pockets of fat-cat bosses.