Barack Obama


Emails Hillary Tried to Hide Found in Obama White House

Judicial Watch has been nothing if not persistent in its dogged pursuit of evidence. Armed with freedom of information act requests (FOIA) they have uncovered proof implicating high ranking officials in our government to covering up illegal behavior. Including Obama’s White House.

Obama at Notre Dame

Barack Obama Uses Destruction at Notre Dame to Promote Obama

This is classic Obama. Something historic happens and Obama responds with shameless self-promotion. It’s not always his fault. He used “being black” to trick people into voting for him. His election tricked the greater-progressive world into lavishing the moment and the man with praise. As it turns out, he deserved none of it.

Obama Nobel Peace Prize War zone

Quick Shot: Obama a ‘Polished’ Murderer With a Pretty Face and a Smile

Stow that left-wing outrage sailor. This is a story about Democrat Ilhan Omar that is not about her antisemitism. Politico reports that the Minnesota Congresswoman had some unflattering things to say about Mr. Trump’s predecessors. In a long detailed look at two districts in the state, Omar is candid about her take on Mr. Obama’s “legacy.“


Reminder: Obama, Clinton, and Kerry, Aided in the Rise of ISIS in Syria

I’m standing on the shoulders of the Conservative Treehouse (CTH) guys on this. Sharing their work with our readers. Details revisited because the ruling class establishment is bent sideways and backward over Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Syria. They object and not always respectfully. I have visited the topic a time or two. President sets objective. …

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