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Cornerstone Releases Its 2018 Legislative Scorecard

Cornerstone has released its scorecard for the 2018 Legislative session. Cornerstone’s 2018 legislative scorecard selects 14 roll call votes in the New Hampshire Senate and 18 roll call votes in the House from the 2017-18 legislative session. The Raw Score is the score that most closely reflects how the actual percentage a legislator’s votes aligned with Cornerstone’s …

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How Did Your NH House Republican Rank In 2011?

I’ve culled my reps from the list (Hills 19) below. I’ve also generated a list of the Republican bottom feeders for 2011. These are what we would call RINOs, moderate democrats who could never survive the bullying from the left, or might never get elected if they admitted that they have little or no interest in supporting the Republican party platform.