“Labor unions would have us believe that they transfer income from rich capitalists to poor workers. In fact, they mostly transfer income from the large number of non-union workers to a small number of relatively well-off union workers…”   ROBERT E. ANDERSON, Just Get Out of the Way


 CONCORD – Governor Lynch, true to his word vetoed HB 474, the right to work Bill recently passed out of the house and Senate.  Passed out of both the house and Senate, the bill has drawn the ire of the Union Hackarama far and wide. All of the pro-unionists came out in force to pontificate about being against the working men and women of this country; About people who will starve and go hungry; and when the rhetoric and false logic had no effect, They crowded hearing rooms and were disruptive with verbal outbursts. Despite all this bad behavior, rank demagoguery and cursing at lawmakers, the bill passed anyway.

Tom Fahey, Statehouse Bureau Chief for the Union Leader  writes, “Unions see the bill as a move funded by out of state interests to undercut their role in the workplace. (Unions) argue that the measure intrudes in labor-management relations,” in this morning’s UL article,GOP goes after right-to-work opponents.

Juxtapose that against Unions bussing in “volunteers” for Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign from, Lord-knows where; And, the Union interests from all around the country pumping big dollars into local campaigns, those hardly qualify as out-of-state interests? Leave it to Union mouthpieces to complain about the very thing that is not only pro forma for them, but done with absolute shameless impunity.

Governor Lynch and his union cronies, with their Machiavellian Template,  redefine the plain and ordinary meaning of words in the furtherance of their subterfuge. In his press release Governor Lynch chastises, “States should not interfere with the rights of businesses and their employees to freely negotiate contracts. That is unless there is a compelling public interest, and there is no compelling public interest in passing this legislation…” They would have us believe that somehow the veto of this bill is was advocacy for freedom.” Lynch would have us believe job seekers have this “freedom” already in place enabling them to be free from the yoke of the Unions. That is untrue, when an employee has to pay an agency fee to the coffers of the Union. That is essentially joining the Union by proxy.

They call them “Agency fees.” A cursory search in any on-line dictionary shows the word “AGENCY” defined as, “the relationship between a principal and that person’s agent,” In its plural usage. However, the singular of Agency is, “AGENT,” defined as, “one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another…” So with any common sense, one has to ask if paying an agency fee is a choice when it is a material condition of employment?  Being compelled to pay a fee, yet not have the representation of the Union is a argument “reducto ad absurdum” which the unions seek to achieve. A de facto requirement to join that particular union.

Governor Lynch goes on to say, “The debate over the so-called right-to-work bill in New Hampshire appears to be largely driven by national outside interest groups, and is not a result of problems facing New Hampshire businesses or workers…” You have to hand it to Governor Lynch. It is a pretty gutsy thing to step out in front of the media spotlight and make a press point of this bill being driven by out-of-state interests while at the same time being a whipsaw for the unions. Lynch obviously got his talking points from the unions, whose Charlatanry has not subsided.

There are assertions that the veto will be overridden. And to be sure, each and every Senator and Representative who voted against Right-to-work needs to be contacted by their constituents.


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