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New Hampshire Got Jobs!?

Got Hobs?How about some jobs?  New Hampshire is reporting an April unemployment rate of 4.9%.  I don’t have the exact numbers but using previous months figures as a guide this should be the result of both another slight increase in workforce population and a shift from the unemployed column to the employed column.   This is unlike last year when the initial "improvement" we saw was actually the result of workforce decline–people had stopped looking or receiving benefits and dropped out of the equation.

This is encouraging given the national employment numbers; we are also still best of breed in the North East, though Vermont is not too far behind us.  But the bigger news id that John Lynch was so excited he blamed low taxes.

"The reason New Hampshire is outperforming virtually every other state is because was have a successful economic strategy in place. New Hampshire is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation, with the lowest state taxes, and we must continue to follow the principles of our strategy if we are to continue moving New Hampshire forward.

Former Democrat house Speaker Terie "Billion Dollar Deficit" Norelli must have puked in her mouth when she read that.  Low taxes? She just spent (literally) the past four years digging us into a billion dollar deficit so democrats would have an excuse to raise taxes.  The damn voters screwed that up by showing the tax and spenders the door, though for how long is anyone’s guess.  People who have jobs have short memories.

But for now we have the lefts only toe hold on power–small toe that it is–announcing that low taxes stimulate job growth.  Maybe Governor Lynch forgot but we watched him sign off on dozens of taxes including business abuse taxes like the Tent, and LLC tax to name just two. 

Did he forget that the Republicans were the ones trying to keep the taxes low all along?

That’s something we can never get tired of hearing.  Republicans are for low taxes.  Low state taxes help create more jobs. There.  It’s etched in Granite.  Thanks Governor Lynch.  We agree. Now how about you get with the program?


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