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Supporting A Corrupt Business

Would you stand up in a public hearing and defend an organization implicated in aiding illegal activity, sexual abuse, statutory rape and sex trafficking?  What kind of people would?  How about democrats, union members, and greedy corporate stooges on the take? (oh, my!)

If it was anyone but Planned Parenthood, the national media sensation that admits it has a ‘training’ problem, the professional left would be storming the castle not just to demand why taxpayer dollars were begin given to these criminals, but when the bastards were going to be rounded up and put on trial.

There would be bus loads of angry folks protesting outside executives homes, harassing staff and customers.

Left wing bloggers, even at that sad little web site Blue Hampshire, would be disconnecting their brains from their keyboard, bellowing about the injustice and abuse, the violation of civil rights, and another destructive association by a political party full of hateful bigots and misogynists who view women as second class citizens.  A few of them might even ponder running a few people down in the crosswalk.

But this is Planned Parenthood, a national business, a big business, that makes plenty of money while using its status as a “health care provider” to milk taxpayers for money it does not even need.  And there are still a few people here in New Hampshire willing to stand up and say incredibly stupid things in defense of a business model that seems incapable of protecting the interests of the young girls it claims to champion from a life as an underage sex slave.

From this morning’s union leader…

Kary Nealle Jencks, N.H. director of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England at the end of the article by Paula Tracy–who clearly has no personal agenda–states that…

the bill — even if passes — will not prevent her organization from treating citizens’ needs. Last year, the organization provided $5.5 million in services at its six locations, and is in line to get about $700,000 this year from the state. 

This is the last quote in the article, after half a dozen people have wailed like lepers about how much good Planned Parenthood has done for ‘their daughters,’ or how we can’t stop taxpayer funding.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just put that last quote from Jencks in a short news digest clip? You know, PP directors says we don’t really need your money, so kill the taxpayer funding?   Nope.  It’s at the end so that we get to entertain ourselves with the wailing lepers.

So let us be entertained.

Former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, a father of two girls, asked legislators not to forget about the economic impact.

“Many (representatives) as candidates ran on liberty and freedom…and to get government out of the way. This bill takes the most personal of… civil liberties and tries to take it away,” he said.

Hey Steve?  What liberties and freedoms are we taking away?  PP just said it wont affect their ability to treat citizens needs.  So how about we consider the taxpayers whose liberty and freedom (and dollars) the “many representatives” ran on protecting, instead of the freedom of a big business suspected of illegal and corrupt behavior to use you as their milk man?

A few hundred thousand here and there, given the huge hole democrat Terie ‘Billion Dollar Deficit’ Norelli left behind, could have a huge “economic impact.”  We cold create or save a few union teachers jobs so they could then take a personal day to go to Concord and protest the de-funding of the left wing deity known as Planned Parenthood.

Steve Marchand, by the way, is one of the leaders of our local No Labels group here in New Hampshire.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I think his label is showing.

Next up …

State Rep. Candice Bouchard, D-Concord, said no health care provider does more to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies than Planned Parenthood.

And she charged the six sponsors of the bill, all Republicans, with failing to focus on economic issues needing immediate attention.

I would agree that no one kills more unborn babies in New Hampshire than planned parenthood.  Unfortunately, democrats have made sure we cannot tell how many unwanted pregnancies are ‘reduced’ by surgical or chemical abortions.

Rep Candice Bouchard (D-self supporting private businesses implicated in sex trafficking still need our tax dollars), is also suffering from the Marchand, No Labels, I have left wing tunnel vision disease.  She plays the same card when she asks why we are not focused on economic issues.  And I have the same answer for her.  Hundred of thousands of taxpayer dollars kept from a huge national business–that may be supporting sexual abuse of young women by the way–could be used to reduce the deficit or save New Hampshire jobs.  How is that not an economic issue?

By the way, the UL Reporter Paula Tracy does not take time to tell us that Rep Bouchard is the chair of NH House/Senate’s Reproductive Rights Caucus. That’s not important though. Nor is the fact that the councils rights do not extend to the unborn child who might be a girl, and entitled to reproductive rights all her own–or she could become a victim of sex trafficking supported by planned parenthood.  You never know.

More… you bet.

Mary Lou Biever of Rochester.. said she relied on material from Planned Parenthood to discuss issues with her daughters, and now, because one of them does not have health insurance, she relies on the organization to provide health screenings and care.

“The attack on Planned Parenthood is an attack on thousands of women in our state,” Biever said.

One more time?  Planned Parenthood says it wont affect services, which leaves us wondering if there are no doctors anywhere else in the state who know their way around a woman’s womb?  And why would a mother of two girls stand up to defend an organization that is implicated in the abuses and illegal trafficking of other young girls elsewhere?

Which brings us back to Jencks, who in the beginning of the article says..

… the bill is intended to undermine settled law — Roe v Wade from 1973 — even though no federal or state tax money covers elective abortions.

“That money is only for cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is in danger,” she said.

Would that be before or after the counseling on how to avoid the legal complications of running an underage sex trafficking ring?  Just asking.  Remember, PP is Big business.  It doesn’t need the taxpayer money by its own admission.  And it is associated with people who violate the law and the rights of young women.  Actual rights.  Not the ones Jencks is imagining;  like where does Roe v Wade create a constitutional requirement that sucks taxpayers dry for abortion–or even reproductive services of any kind?  It’s not there.  You just made it up.  Why did Jenks lie?  (She has to lie.)

All in all very entertaining.  Nice of the reported to let PP contradict everyone in the article.  We also no know that Jencks expects $700,000 from the state to support her little corner of the PP empire.  Makes you wonder how we survived before Planned Parenthood to rule the free world?

In closing, I have a partial list of people who stood up at the hearing and spoke in support of Planned Parenthood and the need for taxpayers to fund a great big business, with a corrupt corporate culture, that does not willingly prohibit teenage prostitution and sex trafficking–presumably so it can continue to provide contraception, medication, and counseling–things your taxpayer dollars could be used for–even though we know they use those dollars for abortions.  (Remember, democrats are positive that you can’t separate your international donations from your domestic ones, to comply with federal campaign laws, so why would a business that can’t keep its own employees from aiding and abetting sexual abuse of minors separate your tax money from their abortion business, and how would they even know?)


Here’s the partial list.

Rep. Timothy Horrigan, Durham – Democrat

Kary N. Jencks, NH Public Policy Director for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE)

Linda Griebsch,  Executive director, Feminist Health Center of Portsmouth (Greenland)

Claire Ebel, exec. dir., NH Civil Liberties Union

Mary Lou Biever, Rochester; testified as a concerned mother – also spoke at PP press conference preceding hearing.

Rep. Candace Bouchard, Concord – Democrat, chair of NH House/Senate’s Reproductive Rights Caucus.

Pilar O
, chairman, NARAL-ProChoice NH

John Thyng, identified himself as a spokesman for NH for Health Care, speaking for 83,000

John Thyng is a Political coordinator for SEIU.  NH for Health Care is a local campaign by the SEIU to promote and advance Obamacare  (and taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood as well).   I am told that Mr. Thyng did not mention he was working for SEIU.