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Drag Queen Time Nashua Library

Nashua Public Library Introduces “Drag Queen Teen Time”

The Nashua Public library is holding a special event for local teens on January 12th. It’s called Drag Queen Teen Time. When a curious resident emailed the Library to learn more, they did, indeed learn more. Cornerstone Action reports the response. The Drag Queen Teen Time that we have planned for January is not a drag …

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Supporting A Corrupt Business

Would you stand up in a public hearing and defend an organization that aids and abets illegal activity, sexual abuse, statutory rape and sex trafficking? What kind of people would? How about democrats, union members, and greedy corporate stooges on the take? (oh, my!)

What It Means To Support Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is guilty at the very least for failing to ingrain in their corporate, medical and professional culture the need to protect and defend the lives and bodies of these young girls, these children, in every office, in every community they serve, before any other corporate, professional or ideological objective.

Picture Of The Day 1-9-2011

Some pictures come with stories. Today’s picture of the day has a story. But as with all stories it appears to have been embellished. So I have edited out the parts that may not be accurate. I edited them out because the picture is compelling without them, and they would only serve as a distraction.

Did you Question Those ‘Declining’ Teen-Mother Birth Rates?

The day after we celebrated the birth of Christ the Nashua Telegraph treated us to a report that birth rates among teens had declined. If you poked around beyond the confines of the Telegraph piece you would discover that New Hampshire was one of the states leading the way. And there were some very amusing thoughts on the decline, but no one even suggested an increase in chemical or surgical abortions as a cause.