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Hate crimes by race

The Truth Hurts and Spoils the Critical Race Theory Narrative

The problem isn’t the number of guns in the US (estimated now at around 400 million) but the culture of those that have them. Culture counts and a culture that doesn’t value life has chart results like this. If you need any more proof, look at the stats in Chicago after almost every weekend.

Statistical Horror Story

Statistical Horror Story

The pandemic from hell erupted as a panic of politicians. It is now a comedy of Mash-minded med admins and stooges with microphones. They are covering their ifs, ands, and butts. There’s no question about their use of ever more morbid and distorted statistics.

Happy? Single Mother’s Day

The statistics for the real modern family are dominated by the single parent household.  The single parent household is overwhelmingly run, or not as the case may be, by a mom.  Somewhere around 84% of them are fatherless children.  Many of those never knew their father or are detached from them. The leading cause of …

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Supporting A Corrupt Business

Would you stand up in a public hearing and defend an organization that aids and abets illegal activity, sexual abuse, statutory rape and sex trafficking? What kind of people would? How about democrats, union members, and greedy corporate stooges on the take? (oh, my!)