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Ager vs. Duprey: The Choice

One can often learn something about a person’s true character by examining those with whom they associate or support, giving credence to the old saying that “birds of a feather flock together.” As the son of a legal immigrant father who embraced the American Dream, it is apparent to this writer that our country has …

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David Daleiden

A Jury Finds Planned Parenthood is the Victim

The “Baby Body Parts” trial of activist and journalist David Daleiden is complete. The jury found undercover journalism unlawful. They are declaring that secret filming is now illegal. The result is that undercover journalism leaves actual journalists open to massive damages regardless of the accuracy and truthfulness of the reporting.

Cornerstone on conscience rights

The Truth on the NH Budget and Planned Parenthood Spending

We’ve heard a good deal of applause in the wake of the passing of the state budget and taxpayer replacement of “lost” Title X funds. Examples are recent columns by Dunlap, Leach, and Vidunas in the Concord Monitor and  Senator Rosenwald in the Union Leader.

Democrats Claiming Budget “Compromise” Funds Abortion-Advocacy by Planned Parenthood

This: Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood announced it would no longer accept funding from the federal Title X program because of a new Trump rule that restricts recipients of Title X from giving abortion referrals. New Hampshire Democrats included replacement funding for the loss of federal funds in their budget. If the above tweet is …

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