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What’s Good For The Goose..

Tom Fahey quotes our confused friend Harrell Kirstein, Spokesperchild of the New Hampshire democrat party in regard to Bill O’Brien’s choices for leadership positions in the NH House. (I have to call Harrell the Spokesperchild from now on. Spokesperson has the word ‘son‘ in it and we know how sensitive Harrell’s spleen is.)

“Anyone not representing his geographic area or the far-right fringe of the party is barred from leadership positions, so far.” 

But Harrell?  His deputy speaker is a woman.  His majority leader was elected by the caucus not chosen by Mr. O’Brien.  And he gave his primary opponent for the job of speaker–a guy who is arguably a little bit more moderate than you claim Bill is to the point that your own party publicly announced that it would rather have had him, the gig as speaker pro tempore.

No point in mentioning that, nor the troubling fact that we have no acceptable examples of better behavior in the Norelli House. We see this repeated in "the leading by example category" with her most recent choices for the new minority leadership. Under minority leader Norelli we have folks like Mike Brunelle and Mary Jane Wallner.  What was that about not wandering outside ones ‘geographic area?". 

The entire list of House democrat leaders consumes 10% of their caucus without one bleeding heart moderate in the bunch. (Probably because they have all but been exiled in the catharsis of 2010, much to the joy of Suckley–that’s Sullivan and Buckley–and the other extremist socialist democrats running the state democrat party.)

So Harrell is trowel feeding us the same hypocritical pap we’ve come to expect from the state democrat party.  What was good for the Goose is not good for the Gander.  It is the hallmark of the ruling class liberal elite and poor Harrell, New Hampshire’s own Robert Gibbs, can only babble incoherently and hope no one calls him on it.