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Donald Trump’s Impossible Dreams

The blind hatred that consumes President Trump’s enemies is reflected in their poisonous rhetoric, which long ago exceeded inflammatory.  It’s become utterly insane.  They’ve labeled the president a white supremacist, a racist, a fascist, a tyrant, and even a traitor.

Orange Man Bad

Orange Man Bad … Oh Really … Think About This

If “Orange Man Bad” is true then maybe you should think about this. Currently, the Democrat Party and its candidate are hawking lockdowns. They attribute the need for their actions to “slowing the spread” of COVID.

Deadly force situation

Where are the Police? Crime is up People are Unhappy.

Where are the Police? That is the question of the hour in Minneapolis. The city has made itself an object lesson in Democrat leadership or lack thereof. Minneapolis is the home of the late George Floyd. After his death the all Democrat Minneapolis City Council went on the political offensive.

San francisco homless crime poverty filth

Do We Really Want To Get Our Leadership From San Francisco?

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to powerful progressive politicians. There’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Gavin Newsom. Yes, and don’t forget U.S. Senator and vice-presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. It’s producing a disproportionate number of influential political actors, all leftists.

Do you want BLM, Antifa and Anarchists running your town, city, county, state, and nation?

Want BLM Antifa and Anarchists Running Your Country?

Want BLM, Antifa and Anarchists running your town, city, country? These are some of the worst people alive. Democrat “leadership,” people like Schumer and Pelosi, refuse to tell Antifa and BLM to knock it off. What is going on in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and Minneapolis is on them. The question is: Why?

Joe Biden’s Courage to Conform

Joe Biden’s supporters have called him a man of courage. The late John Lewis used those very words to describe him shortly after Biden jumped into the presidential race.  Nancy Pelosi went a little further, calling Biden the “personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity.”