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Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on US

Michael Totten at PJM points us to an article by Barry Rubin at Global Research in International Affairs in which Rubin alerts us that the newly elected leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has just endorsed a full blown Anti-American Jihad.

Rubin explains the serious business that this is, with all the relevant consideration, but sums what happens if it goes unheeded much like al-Qaida’s similar announcement in August of 1996.

In August 1996, al-Qaida declared war on America, the West, Christians and Jews. Nobody important paid much attention to this. Almost exactly five years later, September 11 forced them to notice. Let it be said that in September 2010 the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with one hundred times more activists than al-Qaida, issued its declaration of war. What remains is the history of the future.

Heady stuff.  And I agree with Rubin, we probably will ignore it.  Obama is busy pretending to be Carter in the Middle East but doing a lousy job even by those standards.  Mid East peace will not come to rescue a preemptive Peace Prize.  Neither has The One managed to placate the Muslim street, despite speeches, and bowing, and all manner of Israel bashing.  This only makes it clear that the issue is about the West, not who claims to lead it or in what direction they are headed.

Or perhaps Obama and the democrats would like to blame this new call to Jihad (by a larger and stronger adversary) on the continued operation of Club Gitmo, which will be celebrating the 21 month anniversary of no longer being a reason for Jihad or unrest against America, and the 9 month anniversary of having been closed by executive order, except that it’s not actually closed.

Are those crickets I hear?