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We have an election coming

We Have an Election Coming … Here’s why it is Important

We have an election coming in America. Here in America we take religious freedom for granted. But if our election this time goes Democrat the radicals controlling the party will opt for massive change. The radicals in the Democrat Party are receiving support from the violent wing including BLM, Antifa, Anarchists and Islamists. What follows …

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September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 What Happened and Why

September 11, 2001. Do you know what happened and why? Do you remember? Our schools aren’t teaching about this date in history. They aren’t teaching much about history. So here’s what happened. It was a Tuesday. It’s one of the more important days in recent American history.

death to america

BLM and ANTIFA: Death to America

It is a fundamental human trait to locate the source of anything bad happening and try to neutralize it. However, there are times that the source of the harm cannot be pinpointed or when successfully recognized; it cannot be eliminated. Failure to recognize the source or neutralize it can devastate our cities.

We have two enemies to fight today

We Have Two Enemies to Fight

Today, in America we have two enemies to fight. So who are they? They are the Left and Islam. Why are the Left and Islam such allies? The Left and Islam have much in common. They share many goals and many beliefs. This is what creates their willingness to work as a team.

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The Psychology of Belief

In general, beliefs are like roadmaps. Beliefs are an impetus that puts the brain into action. A religious underpinning of belief creates fanaticism in some adherents which are often seen as a reflection of one’s true loyalty and strong faith.

Muslims’ Insidious Objectives

Every organization has a mission or a mission statement with a goal in mind. They work day and night to reach their ultimate target. Think of Islam as an organization (not just another religion) with an ambitious mission. What is that ambition, you might ask! Here are some thoughts!

Ilhan Omar

Islam’s Next Prey

Western Europe is on its last breath, and they know it. It was collective and deliberate cultural suicide by the EU leaders, and there is no going back. Once you are dead, you are dead. Now, the question is how far is America behind Europe in its own demise!!


Black people are recessive genetic defects and sub-humxn. No, I didn’t say that but…

Oh Wait!  That’s not what was said – at least not by a Person of Pallor. It was by one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement – . Now, do you think THAT’s about “racial harmony” or leaning more towards “Black Supremacy”? ….and another deleted classic from Yusra Khogali — Adam …

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