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Hamas Rockets from Gaza head toward Israel

American ‘Palestinians’ Urged to Kill All Jews

US House Rep Rashida Tlaib, among others, have been sent a message. Fathi Hamma, a high ranking Hamas official, has sent a message to Palestinians across the globe. “We must attack every Jew on the globe by way of slaughter and killing.”


Muslims Pressured KFC to Embrace Halal

This is the second story I’ve stumbled across in as many days in which food prepared according to Islamic Law made the news. Yesterday, we reported on Public Schools in Dearborn Michigan. Today, I found a story about a group of Muslims pushing KFC to embrace halal as well.

So You Want to Submit to Islam

So You Want to Submit to Islam…

If you want to submit to Islam, then you should know that Islam is an Arabic word. It Literally means submission. The “to who’ and ‘to what’ one must submit in Islam are the will and pleasure of Allah.

Islamic Doctrine for Non-Muslims

Islamic Doctrine for Non-Muslims

Islamic Doctrine for Non-Muslims is an important subject to get a handle on. Islamic ideology is not peaceful. Islam is violent and dangerous to the world. If you do not believe that, you are in denial, irrationally so.