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Islam Lying and the Golden Rule

Islam, Lying, and the “Golden Rule”

Did you know that Islam has a different worldview than you probably do? Did you know Islamic ethics allow deception? That’s right; sacred deception is a part of Islamic ethics. The term for it is: “Taqiyya.” Here are some ethical rules from the Hadith.

Islamization of the Political Process

Islamization of the Political Process

There is an Islamization of the American political process in progress. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has lent her support to the 26 Muslim candidates who won legislative seats.

We must defend our values and principles

Don’t “Insult” or Question Islam or its Prophet under penalty of arrest (or worse)!!!

The legal system in the US (other than in Louisiana) was originally derived from the legal system that prevailed in England for centuries, including the personal freedoms extracted from the King by the Maga Carta. Even with that long history of personal liberties, the colonists ultimately rebelled against the English Crown’s abuses as enunciated principally …

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Death of Al-Baghdadi

Syria, Oil, and the Death of Al-Baghdadi

By now, we have heard from all the fake news journalists be they liberal politicians or the left’s other Trump-hating “experts.” On how bad an idea it was to pull our troops from Syria. How about the opinion of an actual expert on the region?

Islamization of the Political Process

Why Does Islam Stay Around?

Islam is a theocracy. It is not truly a religion. A better description is a worldview or a civilization view. There is a religious component, a requirement for submission as an act of faith. The basis of its exercise is the use of police power accompanying Sharia, which is a legal code.

Ignore Islam At Our Peril

There is no shortage of Islamic materials on the market for anyone curious enough to seek the truth for himself. I personally have written hundreds of articles about Islam and the threat it poses to our Constitution. The painstaking task of educating the American public about this threat has not stopped Islam’s advancement in America. …

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