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A Short 9-11 Reminiscence

I was unemployed at the time of 9-11.  I was home, working on job applications when I got a call from Satan’s Favorite Daughter, i.e., my first wife (no, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?).  She told me to go look at the news.

Bidenese video screen grab - Not the Bee

Biden’s Actions Left America – and the World – Less Safe

Captain Whiteman and his platoon were ordered to support Afghan soldiers and protect a friendly Afghan village with its 12 American aid workers. Without orders, Captain Whiteman withdrew his platoon during the night without telling his Afghan allies and leaving their position indefensible.

The US Sun Afghani woman shot on soccer field by Taliban


It’s estimated “only low hundreds” of Americans were left behind in Afghanistan, and “maybe they chose to stay”? And maybe we should believe Biden is a master strategist and political savant and only acts like a befuddled idiot to fool our unfriendly opponents?