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President Trump Declares War On Mexican Drug Cartels

At least three women and six children were gunned down by Mexican Cartels. Members of two connected families. President Trump has reached out to Mexico, saying America stands ready “to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively.” 

Iranian Proxy Damages Saudi Oil Production

Iran Says Any Attack Means ‘All Out War’

Iranian totalitarians have a lot in common with Democrats. They get to poke you, attack you, insult you, smear you, whatever they want. If you dare to even speak of retaliation, they promise all-out war. Well, Iran is behind an attack on the global oil supply. So, guess what?

Of the State of War

Locke’s third chapter is on the State of War. It is an expository on the concept presented in the previous chapter regarding when one individual broaches another’s right to life, liberty and property. In the Of the State of Nature, we learned that one person broaches another’s natural rights he declares himself an enemy to …

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Reminder: Obama, Clinton, and Kerry, Aided in the Rise of ISIS in Syria

I’m standing on the shoulders of the Conservative Treehouse (CTH) guys on this. Sharing their work with our readers. Details revisited because the ruling class establishment is bent sideways and backward over Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Syria. They object and not always respectfully. I have visited the topic a time or two. President sets objective. …

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