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Another New Hampshire Myth Busted!

By a vote of 210-209 the democrats barely overcame bi-partisan opposition to adjournment without first dealing with the question of extending the current tax rates into 2011.  Republicans thought it irresponsible to close up shop and leave the nation left to wonder if the democrat majority would allow massive tax hikes to take affect at the end of the year.

Thirty nine democrats voted with republicans to hold off the adjournment, but the vote fell short, leaving the tax hikes on the books as the House leaves to defend two years of excessive spending, massive debt, the democrats unpopular health care plan,  the failure to utilize Pay-Go as promised, the inability to even try and form a budget, repeated ethical lapses by liberal law makers, and a host of other ills that have driven their approval rating to historical lows.

Do I need to point out that neither Carol Seiu-Porter, or Paul ‘Hot Dog’ Hodes was among those democrats that wanted to end the tax hikes before the recess?  I didn’t think so.  But for the record, they did not vote against the adjournment.  But had they done so, the House would be in session, and looking to send a message about those impending tax hikes come January 1st.  And it would have been some solid evidence of that "independent voice" they keep telling you they have…for New Hampshire.

Another Myth Busted! Turns out they are still the same party hacks they always were.