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Carol…On Helping Small Business

Even as a child, Carol could not keep the train on the tracks

Carol’s good work keeps on rolling in like the smell of low tide on a salty breeze.  Maybe you recall that five ream masterpiece of brevity appropriately mislabeled as health care reform?  Well it came fully equipped with a manifold of other disasters buried inside, one of which was that anyone with business income will have to issue a 1099 for every entity with whom they spend $600.00 or more in goods and services in a calendar year.  And you thought the Health care Castration Bill wasted paper?


This creates several problems for small business the biggest of which is the regulatory burden of having to deal with all that extra paperwork.   It will take more time and cost more money just to comply with the rules ‘deemed’ by Section 9006 of Carol-Care.  That amounts to millions  more dollars in lost productivity on left wing busy work that Carol and her ilk have now released from America’s employment engine and diverted into the ice-rimmed, bottomless, suck-hole of the bureaucracy.

So how does that play against Carol’s rhetoric?  Not well.


We need a business-friendly environment, but we also need a family-friendly environment.  New Hampshire has attracted many high-tech companies that offer well-paying jobs.  These companies, along with thousands of small businesses, are the engines of our state economy.  We must continue to provide an attractive business climate, both in New Hampshire and across the nation.  We need to reinvigorate our middle-class.

So ‘business friendly environment’ and “attractive business climate” are fostered through cascading uncertainty, massive debt accumulation, the impending threat of federal taxation, and the ever increasing burden of over-regulation? Your brain blast is to continuously  pour sand into the “engines of our state economy? Well why wouldn’t it be.  Liberals are job growth deniers and always have been.  So this is settled accounting.   It’s how democrats "create jobs."  By strangling small business. 

Carol did get one thing right.  It has "invigorated the middle class"….into voting her and everyone like her out of office.