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William Jasmin: A Man Without A Hunting License

In my previous entry about a “Hunter” who was seriously injured when a tree stand that he climbed into collapsed, causing him to fall, there was a presumption that the “Hunter” was lawfully engaged in the activity of hunting upon the land of Charles Corliss. That is not the case. WILLIAM JASMIN HAD NO LICENSE TO HUNT.

New Hampshire’s Hunting Tradition Under Attack From Within

This is the litigation lottery…nothing more.  Despite the laws limiting liability, Jasmin probably lawyer-shopped, finding Mr. Branch to shake down the owner of the property. And more than likely, William Jasmin could care not one lick. He could care less that more property owners will now post their land and preclude hunting for countless others….preclude hikers, bird-watchers…mountain bikers.

Ancient Chinese Secret

In an amusing week for Carol Shea-Porter, in which she almost sounded McCarthyesque in her suspicions of Chinese communist cash infiltrations into the campaigns of domestic candidates, how long can it be before she blames her 2010 election loss on Global Warming?

How Do You Say “Klaatu barada nikto” In Chinese?

One source inside the Shea-Porter camp who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, admitted that the congresswoman was trying to learn to the phrase “Klaatu barada nikto” in Chinese. She claimed that if she spoke these words before the 2012 campaign that donations from the Chinese controlled conglomerates, to Caribbean front-companies, who would then move money into New Hampshire via a courier named “Falcon” traveling in a saucer shaped balloon, would stop and she would be able to win re-election.

They’ve “learned their lesson”?

Well, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) is either pulling a fast one on us, or he’s an indecisive dope.  Three years ago, this Michigan Republican worked with a California Democrat to add a contingent to the "bi-partisan" Energy Independence and Security Act that phases out (makes illegal!) traditional incandescent light bulbs, in favor of the curly-Q, …

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Food For Thought

Over here, you’ll find Senator Shaheen crowing about how great the new food safety bill is, and how she, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, helped pass it. (It’s crap like all the other dem bills but that’s not why she’s an ass.)
She is an ass because (and if it makes you feel better Judd Gregg is an ass for being both a co-sponsor and a yeah vote) there are provisions in this Senate bill (S510) that….raise taxes.

DCCC Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

The Morons at the DCCC have done the nation a service this Thanskgiving. They have sent out an email to arm the tin-foil hat army with a ‘cheat sheet’ in the event that they find themselves in this unfortunate situation.